Are there caveats to badges being awarded retroactively when a disabled badge is enabled?

On our Discourse forum, we initially disabled badges because people were farming them, and some (e.g. give X likes) caused disruption on the forum. We finally got around to enabling the badges that don’t disrupt the forum if users try to farm them, so Discourse retroactively awarded them as soon as we did this. However, it doesn’t seem like “Great Reply” is working entirely correctly?

I was awarded every single badge we enabled except “Great Reply”, despite having numerous 50+ like replies. I had some others help me test, and we found:

  • Most users with over 50+ likes on a reply did not receive the “Great Reply” badge (e.g. <1>, <2>, <3>), but some users did receive it
  • Liking a reply with >= 50 likes (already over the threshold) did not award the poster the badge
  • Giving the 50th like (first time threshold was satisfied) to a reply did not award the poster the badge

It’s been about a full day since we did the above testing, and two days since we enabled the badges. As far as I know, the rest of the badges have been awarded correctly, but maybe not.

Is there anything special about “Great Reply”, or badges in general, that need to be met before they can be awarded retroactively?

I checked one of those links and it had the Badge. Guessing that it just took longer for the badges to be awarded then you thought?


Which link are you seeing where a user has the badge? I checked all three + my profile again, and didn’t see the “Great Reply” badge on any of them.