Are these wildcards and should they not have been translated?

(Benjol) #1

I saw this in a French translation of system_messages.welcome_invite.text_body_template.

The offending bit is this (in the English):

 We've automatically generated a username for you: **%{username}**, but you can change it any time by visiting [your user profile][prefs].

The [your user profile][prefs] stays as such in the resulting message.

Thinks: is that because the translator also translated the insides to: [votre profil][prefs]?

That aside, is there an easy ‘quick link’ that I can post in my messages to help people find there profile/preferences?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Yes there is a way to generally link to personal preferences


This “my” convention works in the expected places.

(Kane York) #3

Yeah, there is a problem there. At the end of the translated string there should’ve been a line with this:

  [prefs]: /my/preferences

Open this in new tab for an example.