Are users you reply to notified of substantial edits?

(Christopher Galpin) #1

I somewhat frequently find myself replying to someone, and then later fleshing out my reply even more. Are they notified of the update?

Sorry if I missed this, I did a quick search first (also not sure if my category is appropriate).

(Sam Saffron) #2

I can see the use case here for “wiki”, an archetype we have not designed or built yet. For example, say you have a long “howto” article and you make a big change. People who are watching the article should get notified of the big change.

For normal posts it seems somewhat odd though.

(Christopher Galpin) #3

Well let me rephrase. Is the design that if I want someone to see something new I should post an additional reply? (I really mean in the case where I’d be posting a reply right after another one of my replies.) Or should I edit my existing post?

Sounds like I should make a double (or more) reply. It’s good to have that cleared up.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Edits that contain @name mentions will send out new notifies, if the @name did not exist in the previous revision.

Edits to the last post in a topic do bump the topic, but edits to other posts in the topic do not.

In general replying is a good idea, where on Stack Exchange edits are the order of the day, in a discussion system that is not the case … lots of back and forth replies are expected.

Also you are notified if someone edits your post but 99% of the time that is a moderator making the edit, other users can never edit your posts.

(Caue Rego) #5

Being the first result out of 50, just wondering… Do all this still works the same way, 924 days in the future? Today I find it still a very interesting definition. :slight_smile: