Arrows for topic linking backwards?

(Cortland Klein) #1

I assumed it was a bug and reported it, but it looks like the arrows linking posts are already the correct direction.

I was thinking that since a new post is “newer” than an old post, and think of time as flowing from left-to-right, that the arrow to the “newer” post would point to the right.

What was the intention for the arrows pointing the other way?

(Cortland Klein) #2

Specifically, I’m referring to these arrows:

(Jeff Atwood) #3

The correct way to think of them is as incoming and outgoing links.

  • If the arrow points ← toward the post, there is an incoming link to this post from another Discourse post in a different topic

  • If the arrow points away → from the post, this post contains an outgoing link to another Discourse post in a different topic.

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(Cortland Klein) #4

Ah that makes sense. At first glance I assumed it meant something else and immediately assumed it was a bug.

Thanks for clarifying!

Edit: Still feels backwards, probably will just take getting used to.

(Alexander) #5

I also think it feels backwards. My hunch for why is that the arrow there feels more like a navigational aid than an indicator of the relationship between content. Should we try to identify a different way of representing this relationship?

(Jeff Atwood) #6

You can, but I am of the very strong opinion that incoming and outgoing links are fairly well understood on the Internet – it’s made up of hyperlinks in the first place.

That said, each individual Discourse can be styled however you see fit on your forum.

(Alexander) #7

I’m thinking that the relationship between two topics is more than a normal incoming/outgoing link on the rest of the web, and it might be helpful to represent it differently.

(Cortland Klein) #8

Blue/orange portals?

Just kidding.

Maybe normal links get the current arrows as-is and the whole “fork off a new Topic” thing could use some fork-like icons? Something like ?

(Christoph) #9

I have to say that for me, the arrows also feel backwards. Let me explain:
If, in a post, a discussion is branched off (in)to another topic, the arrow beside that post is pointing from that topic.
In the topic which was branched off from a post, the arrow beside the first post is pointing to that post.

(Jeff Atwood) #10

There are internet standard conventions around the terms “incoming link” (← ) and “outgoing link” (→ ).

(Sam Saffron) #11

Just an update on this, the arrow discussion is still alive and kicking 1205 days later right here:


(Jeff Atwood) #12

We are now using the link icon for topic links, so… arrow direction officially moot :wink:

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