As a new user, back button takes me back to /top?

(Ian Leslie) #1

I just joined up to read more about discourse. I have run into something that puzzles me. When I am showing the Latest topics and I click on one to read, when I click on the back button Discourse takes me to Top instead of back to Latest. When I read a form such as this my normal way of working is to default to showing the latest posts and then read the ones I want always going back to the latest list between each topic. I checked the preferences and do not see a way to control that. I view Top as interesting and I might explore it at some point but really I want to keep up on what is new.

Am I missing something obvious about how to control this or how going to Top is a good thing?

(Michael Downey) #2

Hmm. I can’t re-create this here on meta or on my own instance. Do you have a publicly-available example URL that does this?

(Ian Leslie) #3

Interesting. It is happening right here. After I submit this I will hit my browser back button and be placed in Top instead of Latest where I actually started. It happens as I read each post here.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

New users will get the /top page as default for their first visit.

Existing users who have not been on the site in a long time, similarly, will get the /top page as default for their first visit.

Logic being, you are (new | long gone from here) so you might be interested in “the Greatest Hits of this community” as in introduction to what it is we do here.

However, if you are actually on /latest (e.g. you manually clicked on the topnav for latest) and back is navigating you to /top that is odd. Any ideas @zogstrip?

New user directed to /top/all, not first item in top menu
(Michael Downey) #5

Should this be the case even if /top is not present anywhere in the top_menu site setting? If so, maybe I should add it back.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

It should not happen if /top is disabled (removed from top_nav setting), but I don’t recommend that – it is a core default part of the design for a reason. Without top you have no “Greatest Hits” albums on your site…

(Michael Downey) #7

We’d always planned to bring it back once we’d hit some critical mass (which we’re probably getting close to now anyway) but wanted to start with fewer options. But this probably explains why we heard from our users that /latest wasn’t best for newbies and felt /categories was better.

Also, I wonder how Freddie Mercury got an emoji … :man:

(Ian Leslie) #8

Yes, that was what I was doing and it kept jumping to top instead of taking me back to where I was. After reading this I checked by reading a few more threads and it works as expected now. Sounds like bug though. I think defaulting to top is a good idea but, I am sure you would agree, back should behave in an expected manor.


You got it all wrong… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Régis Hanol) #10

This has been fixed :wink:

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