Asset for a social button

(Christopher Olson) #1

I’d like to put a link to our Discourse forum in our line up of social buttons at the bottom of our pages. Much like I use the GitHub, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ logos for such buttons, I’m thinking to use the Discourse logo for one.

What do the Discourse developers think?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

You could, but ideally the Discourse ‘brand’ disappears – it is like the engine in the car. People buy based on the external branding (Pontiac, Firebird, etc) not the model of the engine!

It’d be roughly like saying “click on my WordPress”, so I guess it depends how you feel about that :wink:

(Christopher Olson) #3

You have points there.

The social buttons for GitHub, Twitter, etc. lead to their service with their branding, and there’s merely a place for my branding within their context. The forum icon would take the user to a site with my branding; it just happens to be Discourse Inside.

Indeed, I do not use the WordPress logo for my blog, nor do I see many people who do. (I use The Blog Icon).

A couple non-branded ideas I see say “community”, some of them in a nauseating Kumbaya way. I also see speech bubbles that say “conversation” or “Q&A”, but they feel uninspired.

You did a great job on the logo. It says “discussion”, and it does so in a novel and interesting way. When I put that against the generic speech bubbles, I feel one says “Click me,” and the other says “Ignore me.”

I’m open to suggestions. I’m comfortable using the Discourse logo until an intriguing alternative pops up. (That’s a thinly guised call to readers of this thread to make icons. :wink: )

(Ben T) #4

How about fa-comments to start?

(Christopher Olson) #5

The Discourse logo is too detailed to work at 20x20.

The Font Awesome icon looks pretty good. The bubbles originate from alternate sides. On the one hand that suggest two speakers in an exchange. On the other hand my eye gets confused about whether it should look left or right.

I didn’t locate quite the image I wanted: multiple bubbles, originating from one place, graphically fitting with other social icons, working at 20x20, etc. So I put something together.

Here’s the Illustrator file. Feel free to use or modify as you desire.

(Lee Murrell) #6

We had the same quandary, so we branded it up as ‘Yonder’ - ie. discover what’s over yonder!

This is how we link it on the site: and our residents association here: - so you see we are using Yonder as a centralised comms platform.

Would like to see what others have done?