Assign Discourse more disk space

(Saurek) #1

I feel this is something commonly asked but I can’t seem to find an answer.

My VPS has 1TB free but Discourse seems to only have 1gb allocated to itself. How can I configure Discourse to use, say, 50GB?

(Matt Palmer) #2

That would be something you’d need to take up with your VPS provider.

(Saurek) #3

No the 1TB is available to use, Discourse just is limited at 1GB. It’s unrelated to my VPS.

(Matt Palmer) #4

There are no limits inside Discourse itself as to how much disk space it will use. Either your VPS is configured in some strange way, or you’re not explaining yourself clearly. Perhaps a detailed description (or screenshots) of what you’re seeing, rather than your interpretation of what you’re seeing, would make things clearer?

(ljpp) #5

Did you install it by yourself, and where are you hosted at?

Trust Matt - big forums,such as this one, weight a lot more than 1GB.

(Saurek) #6

It’s hosted on OVH on the latest build of Debian.

I’ll provide the details Matt requested in a moment.

(Saurek) #7

(Matt Palmer) #8

That looks like Discourse is installed on a separate partition to wherever that purported 1TB of space is. Can you show the output of df -h?

(Saurek) #9

Hmm, this is the issue, perhaps I am tired :sweat_smile:

Ty for the quick answer