Attached pdf not recovering from tombstone

I have an attachment that has been moved to tombstone, but rake uploads:recover_from_tombstone isn’t moving it back (it seems that inline images got moved back as expected). Stranger still, if I move or copy it by hand, I still get a 404 from Rails.

Here’s what’s in the text of the document.

<a class='attachment' href='/uploads/default/original/2X/3/3948bf33f91785149105284df7d125803728dbcf.pdf'>59-filename.pdf</a> (2.57 MB)

What’s the value of the “max attachment size kb” site setting?

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It was the default, but the file is only 2.57 MB. And I thought that files already uploaded were immune to the file size constant.

I increased it, but I don’t think they’ll change things, will it?

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