Authentication using username and password

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I’ve been looking through the API and cant seem to find a way to authenticate a user by providing the username and password.

Basically I want to users to be able to register, login and logout from ingame using CEF with my own form and I was going to call discourse with this information and if correct, then want discourse to return the user information as json.

Has anyone got this working yet? I’ve seen numberous topics about SSO from external apps, but I want to use discouse as the base.

Am I missing something?


have you looked at this?

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I was thinking something more similar to this:

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So, the user will auth in the game using Discourse credentials in a custom form (inside a CEF iframe-like thing)?

I don’t think we have support for this currently, but it’s a very interesting use case.

A plugin, similar to the one you linked shouldn’t be too much work. Just be very careful around the rate limiting, so you don’t make your instance more vulnerable.