Auto Sort Categories of the Same Position Number?

(Keith Guerrette) #1

If I have two categories with the same position number, how are they sorted? At the moment it seems that it sorts oldest to newest (top to bottom), which is great, except exactly the opposite of what I’m hoping for.

I’m going to be making new sub categories every month or so, but I’d like to keep them sorted new to old. At some point, I’m going to have enough sub categories that i’m going to really hate sorting that by hand every time I add one.

Is there a better way?


Have you activated fixed category positions? If this is not active then the order of the categories is newest to oldest (by activity). Is it active then categories are displayed in the order you created them, if they have the same position.

See for yourself in the source code, that no other sorting is taking place:

(Kane York) #3

I can’t remember if it ultimately made it in or not, but I remember making a GUI to reorder the categories that only shows up when that site setting is turned on.

There’s good odds that the code is broken by now, seeing as it’s pretty hard to test if you don’t remember about it.

(Keith Guerrette) #4

Yup, the GUI for that is definitely still there and works great (although if I recall correctly, it doesn’t work for sub categories). I’ll explore more in a bit.