Automate email spam


I receive an email from my user that she received all new post in “Presentation” category each time someone plot new topic.
I stop email with option “only staff” but i want to know how i can solve it ?
What i have to too if i want all my user by default reçoive only email when i reply to them ?

Thanks a lot


J’ai reçu un message d’un de mes utilisateurs qui me disait recevoir des emails des que quelqu’un créer un message dans la catégorie présentation. J’ai donc paramétrer l’envoi des emails automatiquement pour le staff.
Mais j’aimerais pouvoir configurer que les utilisateurs reçoivent uniquement des emails quand quelqu’un répond à leur sujet


They may have changed her notification preferences for the given category.

An easy way to fix that would be to visit

Replace with your own discourse hostname and share the link with them, ask them to remove the category from their watched categories


good morning,

In fact when i use the fonction “Incarner” in the profil user. I don’t find any watched catégory.

When i look the log send mail file i see this object for each email she receveid user_private_message

So it means that the emails they’re receiving are from users sending them personal messages. They need to configure this from their profile preferences under the email section to disable emails for Private messages


Sorry for ask again, how this can happen ?

My user open new topic on Presentation category so why she receive email ?

I really don’t know how their profile preferences have been set up but it could be that they’re either tracking or watching the “Presentation” category and probably weren’t active on forum at that time so discourse sent them activity email. Please share what settings are displayed in their preferences for notifications, emails & categories?


I see, i thick off send email when I’m not online i will see what happens.
It’s look like she received the message like private message because i look all category and don’t received the message of the user posted