Automate invitation system

(Carson) #1


Our organization regularly hosts conferences that people can purchase to watch via livestream.

We plan to have anyone who buys a livestream to access their video content within our Discourse community.

We will take the email address we receive from their purchase and send them an invite to join our Discourse community. That invitation will add them to a Group (“LivestreamGroup”) that has access to the Category where the video content lives (“LivestreamConference”).

Has anyone done something similar? Are there any suggestions for a way this process could be automated? I welcome any other perspectives and suggestions on how to improve this workflow. The main challenge will be sustaining the manual work to go into our registration system, download the email addresses, customize the Excel file, and use the bulk invite tool on a daily basis.

In advance, thank you!

(Michael - #2

That sounds like you want to use single-sign-on (SSO) instead.

(Carson) #3

Thanks! I’m eager to learn, but don’t yet understand. Can you explain in more detail how single sign on would work in this instance?

(Kane York) #4

Actually, I’m questioning whether you should be using Discourse for access control on this.

If you have a content management platform with good access control, or you can apply access control on a more traditional video host (Youtube private videos…? No clue how good/bad those are) that would be better than creating a large number of Discourse categories.

The advantage of something like this is that you can make a public topic on Discourse (“ConferenceQ Video Archives - 2017”) with an upsell to purchase access to the archived videos that also serves as a convenient list for people who already have access.

(Carson) #5

Interesting. In our context, we don’t have a content management system with good access control.

Also, we’re interested in allowing people watching them livestream to discuss with one another. Some people talk in person at the event, those watching the livestream can discuss in discourse.

(Jay Pfaffman) #6

You can do a bulk invite and upload a CSV that includes a group to add them to and a topic to redirect them to when they log in the first time. Sending Bulk User Invites

(Carson) #7

Yes, that’s the plan. The ‘problem’ is doing that every day.

(Justin DiRose) #8

There’s a plug-in that offers paid community functionality for Discourse. If you’re simply looking to put content behind a paywall on Discourse, this may help you.

(Jay Pfaffman) #9

I see. Then you can do it via the API.


Does the registration system have an API or way you can extract the data automatically.

As what you could do is have Zapier do the work for you.

I have done a zap in the past which links when someone signs up to a mailchimp mailing list it extracts the email address and automatically sends them an invitation through the forum via the api.

If you had an API of some sort to the registration system or if you had it write email addresses into a google sheet for example - it would be easy to set this to do it automatically.