Automated messages for flags and staff


When a moderator has already commented in a message topic generated by a flag, there is no canned reply generated. This makes sense when a moderator has already engaged in discussion, but is confusing if it was a moderator who did the flagging.

This is mostly confusing. If the moderator post is the OP / initial message / post #1, could we still generate the canned message?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

So the specific case is when the moderator is the OP on the flag message? I am not totally clear here.

(Mittineague) #3

I am unclear as well.
My best guess is when a post is Flagged and action is taken, System posts a “Thanks” reply.
But if a post gets a Notify, it can be replied too and there is no System post.

But as a Notify can be just about anything, I don’t really see how a one-size-fits-all canned reply would work. IMHO it calls for a custom response, Moderators keeping in mind that the member that initiated it can see the discussion.

If that member was a Mod, would not a discussion be preferred?


Yes, that is the situation I’m describing.

(Mittineague) #5

So like this?

  • moderator makes a post starting a new topic
  • same moderator Flags their own post
  • moderator is confused about not seeing a canned reply

Sorry, I’m still not getting your point.

(cpradio) #6

I think your steps are wrong.

  • User creates a post/topic
  • Moderator A Flags it
  • Action is taken by Moderator B (agree/disagree, doesn’t matter – can’t be deferred), no canned reply is sent because a Moderator A is the original reporter of the Flag PM, so it prevents the canned message.

Canned response should be sent because the Flag PM only has 1 post in it, the original post to create the PM. There wasn’t a discussion involving a moderator (in post 2+).

So long as the original report is not a moderator, it works as expected, it simply doesn’t work, if the original reporter is a moderator

I was able to confirm this on latest


Actually, the action can be deferring, at least on “Something Else” type flags.