Automated private messages sending multiple times

Is anyone else getting automated private messages sending multiple times?

We have an automated welcome message and the last few days, new members have started getting this every hour or so instead of once.

It is the same with the automated messages to admins that tell us “new advice on your site dashboard” - I currently have over 200 of these and the advice on the dashboard has not changed!

Could this be a Discourse bug, or is it specific to our site?

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How did you install Discourse? It sounds like your background tasks processor (Sidekiq) is busted?

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Thanks for this, I’m asking our developers to look into this.

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Some users are also reporting an error message that says “internal server error” when they try to send a private message. From my testing, it looks as though the messages all actually send when this happens - it is just confusing users into thinking it hasn’t.

Could this be related to background tasks processor as well?