Automatic user verification

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We are tying to work out a way to automatically accept or reject users at the point of signup based on whether or not the customer support number they enter in a Custom Text field on the sign up page exist in our Salesforce CRM.

Has anyone had success with this or similar?

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is this not a little unusual? Do you only expect them to interact with the community once?

If all you are checking is whether they have a CRM profile, then you can use some form of check against that (using email and SSO). Is this to act as a proxy for that check ?


Unfortunatly SSO wont work for us,

We sell business to business, so when a user purchases with us, an account is created under the businesses name, under which a Customer Support Number is issues which anyone in the business could reference when they contact support, since we support the business not the individual.

When it comes to using the customer community, there could be dozens of users that may want access to the community but these users are unlikely to exist as contacts in our CRM so therefor SSO wont work.

But if when a user create an account we could check to see if the Customer support number exists in our CRM then we could accept the user.

You would need to create a plugin that would verify that info when the account was created or added members to a group when they entered the ID and it was verified.

If you have a budget of $500 to $2000 you can post in #marketplace

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Thanks @pfaffman, I will look into this.


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