Automatically export chosen topics elsewhere - possible scerarios?


(Serge Vodwood) #1

Kind of a “reverse embed option” situation.

There is a static blog setup on a main domain and a discourse install on a subdomain. The setup is actually the same as @eviltrout’s website (using middleman to generate the blog). The comments to blog posts are configured to be handled by discourse’s embedding site settings. Thus the blog posts are synced to discourse and assigned their own special category, say “Blog”.

Now i’m thinking it would be neat to pick users’ topics in discourse and assign them to “Blog” category thus automatically creating a blog post (the one on the main domain).
How would one may try to approach such a thing? Any ideas? I guess that this is at least by 50% a non-discourse issue and will depend on the blog platform, but thats just me being not really techsavvy.

The idea behind this is simple: it is an extra motivational tool for community members to open interesting topics and reads, and a great one at that. If the topic is interesting enough, forum admin can push it to blog, ergo fame and fortune for the topicstarter.

(Robin Ward) #2

I am not sure if anyone is currently using Discourse in this way, but it would be a good use case for webhooks. I think right now you’d have to do it via a plugin.

I’ve wanted to do webhooks for a while but haven’t gotten around to it yet :smile: