Automatically grant a badge for all members of a group

This is AWESOME and it answers my question!

Thanks so much!


You guys are super helpful. We really appreciate all that you’ve helped us with as we have set up our instance.


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Hi guys,

I’m trying to grant a new badge to all members of a group but after I wrote the query proposed by Sam in the initial post in the Badge Query (SQL) box, nothing happens. I tried with all triggers, same.

What am I doing wrong?

figured it out by following a topic trail. i learn more everyday about discourse and its great!

Hello! So if you create a new badge and a new group, does that mean you aren’t able to ALSO grant badges manually for the new badge?

If you create a badge and add Badge Query SQL for the badge, the badge will only be granted when the SQL is run. You cannot grant a badge both manually and through SQL.


I assume if I create badge then it will not be affected by rebuild app, right?

Also how about if I move site to new server using backup zip? Will it show those badges on user profile?

All of that is backed in the database, so it survives rebuilds and moving using standard backups.


Great! Thanks! I will try this feature

Is it possible for this to work the other way, i.e. for the granting of a badge to trigger membership in a group?

This would be a really cool way to automatically unlock hidden categories and flair badges to reward good behaviors.


You should make a feature request for that idea!

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