Automation based on user sign ups

Hi there,

I’m curious if there’s any sort of API in Discourse to automate an event when a user signs up. We’d like to add all of our sign ups to Salesforce so we can track their actions more easily. After looking through the API documentation, there didn’t seem to be a way to initiate something when a new user is added - only to pull a list of recently added users. Thought I would ask just in case.


May be you can use WebHooks or DiscourseEvent to achieve.


Webhooks would be the way to go. Its also made easier by using something like Zapier if need be which hooks into salesforce already.

You can trigger the webhooks to work based on user creation, edit etc so that it updates/creates a new record in salesforce.


Anyone else here might be interested in Discourse / Salesforce integration?


I saw in the various Webhook threads that you kept asking about setting up the webhook so that email would be included in the payload. Did you ever receive an answer or figure out how to do it?

I believe that @fantasticfears has sorted that within this pull request which is awaiting merging.