Avatar conversion commands: converting white to black background?

(Austin) #1

I’m doing sso which forces the avatar from my main site to be snatched my my s3 and stored as the avatar in the discourse subdomain. All good except the avatar had a weird conversion. At first I thought it was because the file was a transparent background png. But it’s actually a jpg.

Here’s the url it grabbed and converted (what it should look like). And this is the output (my avatar on the discourse subdomain):

(Mittineague) #2

Are you sure? It looks to me that the file extension is jpg, but the image type is png

(Austin) #3

Oh… okay then… I didn’t know you could have a .jpg really be a .png file. :smile:

So, if transparency is the variable, shouldn’t it convert to a white background by default rather than black?

(Mittineague) #4

I’m not sure where the problem was introduced, but I tried saving a transpant png with the jpg extension using IrfanView and it got a black background.

original png

saved as jpg

(Austin) #5

Oh okay… so this is not a discourse issue at all then… No worries… good to know! Thanks.