Avatar Flair problems with historic Flairs

Since the new change in Avatar flairs, I’ve noticed that some of my old groups with old flairs which had a URL to the image file have broken.

When I go into one of these and attempt to upload the flair I want, it seems to work and the icon in the group banner successfully changes.

However, this change does not persist. When I open another page or reload the current page, the flair is gone. And they are not applied to the group members.

I can simply migrate the users of these groups to new groups and apply the flairs there, but I’ll lose their group histories which are of some value.

Is there some way to force the change via the Rails console? Or should I just give up and make a bunch of new groups / shuffle people around?

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Following on from this, I did a bunch of unrelated stuff (including a rebuild and rebake of all posts) and now the avatars are suddenly working again.

Clearly some glitch - no need to answer this!

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