Avatar image cropping with warning about not being square

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The avatar just started showing up - did this get ninja patched @sam / @eviltrout / @codinghorror?

Or is this something to do with scheduled jobs? (If you missed it, all avatars worked correctly except the actual avatar display, with was blank.)

(cpradio) #4

Is this comment related to

Or something different, as I know your warning message is different, but your latest reply is making my question what you are asking…

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I’ve reuploaded, lets see if it occurs again

I think it’s cached. I’ll change it later.

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Looks like someone else on our forum got a repro, see screens below.

Notice that image #1 has no avatar display at all, and #2 has a broken image outline. (The reply box doesn’t matter in this instance, that’s just me being silly)

(Sam Saffron) #7

I just fixed an oddity here:


See if you can repro any of this on meta or try

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