Avatar upload issue

(Adnan) #1


I installed discourse on Digitial Ocean earlier today. Everything seems to be working flawlessly expect Avatar Upload. I was able to upload a profile background without any issues.

Error received after I click “Save Changes” is “Sorry, an error has occurred.” and you see a blank image. When I refresh the page, default avatar is displayed once again.

Update: “Sorry, an error has occurred.” is occurring anytime I click on “Save changes” on profile edit page.

I read also searched and read through others who had similar issues. Not really sure, what might be causing this issue.

Also, I did select “allow animated avatars”, but I didn’t know how to run “avatar:refresh rake” commmand. Any suggestions?

What information can I provide to help understand the issue better? Let me know. Thanks!

(Rahul Dhingra) #2

I had similar issues with avatars. Restarting docker fixed it for me. if it does not work rebuilding app can fix it. There may be better way to fix this issue as I consider restarting /rebuilding app solutions qucik generic solutions for non technical users.

(Adnan) #3


Restarting docker did not help.

"if it does not work rebuilding app can fix it. " Apologize about the novice question. How do I rebuild the app? Thanks!

(Rahul Dhingra) #4

In your terminal( i use putty )

 first enter in to docker directory:   cd /var/docker 
 then rebuild app with this command:  ./launcher rebuild app  

In case i could not explain it well you can refer this post here with various commands explained in detail:

(Adnan) #5

k, I have rebuild the app. Issues still persists.

(Sam Saffron) #6

what is in /logs

(Adnan) #7

@sam how do I access the log file? would this be in the /var/docker directory?

(Kane York) #8

Talking about yoursite.com

(Adnan) #9

Aaahh…Neat! Thanks for letting me know.

k, I think the issue has been resolved. My username was ‘admin’, minimum required was 6 characters, hence it was not saving the avatar. Is there a chance we can update the error messaging? Only after looking at the logs I realized the character limit issue.

Thanks guys! Still learning discourse. I think the installation guide is very helpful. Though I did notice one issue while trying to install it, Docker install from the repository was causing AUFS error, I was able to fix it, but would be helpful for others to know about it as well.

(Jeff Atwood) #10