Avatar URLs and Custom Userfields

(Ron) #1


I added a custom userfield called ‘externalid’ and I’d like to be able to use

" https://someexternalwebsite.com/image{externalid}.png "

for external system avatars url.


(Jeff Atwood) #2

Is this for single sign on? There is a different mechanism for adding custom hidden user fields related to SSO only visible to the system (not to admins or the users). Isn’t there @sam?

(Ron) #3

It’s for incorporating already-created avatars for a gaming community.

(Ron) #4

I got things working by using the ruby client and posting data to the API.

You can POST whatever URL you’d like for the Avatar.


(Eddie One) #5

Hi, can you explain the solution more? We also could use the userid in ‘external system avatars url’ as we have an API for public user data.

(Ron) #6

In thinking this over more, SSO is probably the best path forward.

The external system has a userid. Their portrait is located at an easy to form URL like

Where 123456789 is the userid on the externalsite not locally in the forum software.