Avatars do not change for some users

(Tomek) #1

Hi, I’m having problems with only some users failing to update their avatars.

I’m using SSO to provide a new URL (that is a valid public URL) for a user. I’m using sync_sso to force the update (with avatar_force_update = true in the payload) and in same cases it works but in some cases it doesn’t.

I have this user:

In his profile I see the SSO payload points to the new URL avatar:

However the avatar for this user is still old and nothing helps (waiting, cleaning cache, logging out etc).

How can I diagnose this problem?

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #2

This was fixed this a few versions ago, and I see you’re up to date on 1.9.0.beta14. @techAPJ, any chance we regressed here?

(Arpit Jalan) #3

I don’t think we’ve regressed here.

@TomekB is the site setting sso_overrides_avatar enabled? If not, can you enable the setting and ask user to logout/login again?

I would look at /logs for related errors.

(Tomek) #4

I have sso_overrider_avatar enabled and as I mentioned it works in most cases.

I don’t see anything in /logs, that was my first goto.


Does it matter that his new avatar is not hosted on a secure site? http vs. https. How is his avatar otherwise different from the ones that do work?

(Tomek) #6

There are no obvious differences.
All avatars are hosted in the same place with https.
I even checked the format (jpg/png), size, weight, aspect…

Just enabled extended sso logging, nothing there.

Clearly the forum has a new avatar in the SSO payload (I see this in admin -> user), the file is fine, accessible but does not refresh.

(Tomek) #7

Nothing, no ideas?

Can you give me a hint how to diagnose this problem?

(Arpit Jalan) #8

I would look at user’s UserAvatar record to check updated_at, custom_upload_id and corresponding Upload record.

Honestly, this makes it tricky to debug the issue. Are there any similarities/pattern in user records for which avatar refresh is failing?