Avatars intermittently broken

(Jonah Stiennon) #1

Happy to have officially launched discuss.appium.io running discourse 1.0.0 :smiley:

Sometimes the avatars on the main page (little thumbnails next to each topic) will show up as broken. As soon as I refresh the page, they’re back. But they’ll show up as broken again a few minutes later. It’s so intermittent I haven’t linked it to any particular action yet.

Happens something between 1/3 or 1/20 times I see the page…

(Sam Saffron) #2

I am unable to reproduce this even on your forum :slight_smile:

can you open up chrome dev tools f12 and see that the 404s are when this happens?

(Michael Downey) #3

I saw this too on Wednesday. Not sure why but will keep an eye on it.

(Robin Ward) #4

This was also reported on Xaviant’s forums but went away. There is definitely something awry.

(James Milligan) #5

I couldn’t reproduce it on my own install. However, loading @Jonahss’ forum up, then refreshing, gave me the following:

This may also potentially be useful:

(Jonah Stiennon) #6

Sill happening, caught some screenshots this time.
In this case, they were visible, and broke after a refresh.

Different errors in the console than those @lake54 saw.

(Jonah Stiennon) #7

I refreshed again after the above screenshots, and was able to capture the network traffic this time.

Two of them loaded just fine.

(Chris Adams) #8

I am currently on 1.0.0 and I am using an S3 bucket for uploads. I see this happen on mobile only, not the desktop. At one point, a couple versions ago, I changed some css and the avatars some how got effected, but that was resolved by removing my apparently conflicting code and I am really sorry I don’t remember what that was.

(Jeff Atwood) #9

OK, some basics:

  1. Are you fully upgraded to V1 Discourse?

  2. Have you updated Docker to latest (1.2+)?

  3. How is memory on the box (output of the free -m command)

  4. How is disk space on the box (output of the df -m command)

(Jonah Stiennon) #10
  1. V1.0.0 :smiley:

  2. Docker version 1.2.0, build fa7b24f

Running on DigitalOcean
Currently not using amazon s3 for uploads.

(Jeff Atwood) #11

You have no swap, I would set up a swap file, just to relieve occasional memory pressure.

(Sam Saffron) #12

we fixed this, SPDY bug in NGINX

to update

cd /var/discourse
git pull
./launcher rebuild app

(Sam Saffron) #13