Avatars not showing up on migrated forum

(Dan Chao) #1

I have a fresh install of Discourse that was migrated from an old version of a Discourse repo modified specifically for Heroku. However, most of the user avatars aren’t showing up properly. All of these avatars are originally from gravatar.

The src of these images that don’t show up look something like this:

While the ones that do show up look like this

How do I get these pictures to show up?

(Dan Chao) #2

Update: I did another backup restore this morning from the old discourse, and it’s mostly fixed my avatar problem. Now looks like this

(Sam Saffron) #3

Where are your uploads stored?

(Dan Chao) #4

I don’t know. How do I check that?

(Dan Chao) #5

I just checked our old forum, and it looks like the avatars that are missing in the new migration were missing in the old migration as well. So, case closed I guess!

(Régis Hanol) #8