Aw Snap! On chrome android

I’m seeing a lot of this on meta and other discourse instances running latest.

My own instance is also affected.

At this point, it ia really hard to tell as to what is causing this but it most certainly is happening around interactions with composer.

Reload fixes it until the next few times the composer is open.

What are the “these suggestions”?

What version of Chrome Android? Are you seeing this @falco?


Nope, but I don’t usually compose really long messages on mobile.

This is the standard Chrome error when JS goes crazy, but I don’t think we touched that much perf-sensitive JS code lately.


OK we need Chrome version and some repro steps, then.

I don’t find this issue on my iOS chrome. Is there a way to check the JS console in android because I don’t find this feature in IOS.

It’s actually the standard message for any “render process crash”. It’s possible their fix for the scroll offset thing is crashy…

iOS Chrome is not relevant here, nor is it supported.


It takes to a google support page which includes suggestions like try clearing your cookies, cache, reloading the browser, try on a different network etc.

Android: 7.0 (LG v20 if it matters)
Chrome Version: 68.0.3440.85 (Latest, Released 1st August)

This does not happens everytime but most likely I have seen this happening at the following points:

  1. After Clicking the Reply button
  2. After scrolling too much on the home page then clicking the logo in top nav

Thanks. Not the most helpful suggestions are they? Too bad it doesn’t give a more specific message like “undefined variable”, “insufficient memory”, “prematurely terminated transfer” or whatever.

The “not happens every time”, as frustrating as that is, could be a major clue. If you can identify a one single thing that is different for when it doesn’t happen and when it does it will be a big help.

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I think this could be a Chrome issue, I’ve seen a couple of complaints elsewhere since the 68 update, for other JS-heavy sites.


I’m definitely trying to narrow it down to specific problem that may be causing it but the issue is so much random that I’m yet to find the exact moments when it happens.

This definitely can be! as I was fine before the august 1 update on chrome but since the browser was updated to the latest via play store, this had started to happen and since hadn’t gone away even after clearing everything. Rolling back the browser to stock does seems to fix it though but the behavior returns as soon as it is updated to latest.