Babble - A Chat Plugin [ARCHIVE]

(Sam Saffron) #296

Note, I would only show … On hover, also time style should match discourse time style color wise

Two-letter in topic search does not seem to work

I would love to see this evolve in to a full page slack style chat tool. Having customisable notifications coming in from the forum etc. I find it being small in the corner like that makes it difficult to be able to hold a decent conversation with someone - especially if you have multiple conversations going through it at once.

(| full stack virgin) #298

before, this is how my chat app looks like;

There’s a public chat but if you want to go private, you can do that as well.

I think there’s a big opportunity for both Babble and Quick Messages to bridge the gap, not anytime soon though but once it does, it’ll be a big feature for communities who often relies on conversation aside from content.

(GRX) #299

@Swang007 @Henrik_B etc…

Its a thing what will be great in our Community, what do you guys think?

(Eoin Ryan) #300

Would we be able (in theory!) to use this plugin to power a livechat window on the front page of discourse?

The first wireframe of the homepage I have in mind looks like

and I can see this plugin powering the ‘live chat’ bubble in the top right. Would anyone be able to help me get started?

(James Kiesel) #301

You can install the plugin easily enough on your instance to find out! Instructions on installing a plugin are here.

You can also check out a live sandbox site with Babble installed here.

(Carlo Kok) #302

@gdpelican I tried to sign up two times but never got an email so couldn’t test it.

(James Kiesel) #303

I was able to sign up just fine a couple of hours ago; perhaps a spam folder check?

(Carlo Kok) #304

yeah works now. Thanks. Looks good btw.


hi guys, I encoured some problems using this great plugin as is Babble! If someone could help me?

First I’m not able to use the image upload button, it open upload window, but when selecting an image, nothing happends :frowning:

Second we have several problems using Babble on phone and tablet, is it normal? if yes, no problem, will wait for updates.

And finally, thank you very much, this plugin is really useful!

(James Kiesel) #306

I’m surprised to hear about the uploads not working; they work ok for me locally and on the sandbox site, although there was a short window when they were broken on master yesterday, so maybe you grabbed it at just the wrong time :upside_down: Updating to latest should put you right.

Color me reckless, but I like pushing to staging early and often, so to combat master being potentially broken(ish) at times I’ve made a beta branch which will appear on and I’d consider ‘edge’ (or, ‘tests-passing’ in discourse parlance). You can follow along at home by putting the following in your app.yml:

    - exec:
        - git clone -b beta

What means ‘several problems on phone and tablet’? I know the keyboard appearing has been a bit of a pain for some folks on some devices. If you’ve got a specific problem I’d love to hear about it, either here or as an issue.


Hi @gdpelican, sorry for delay. About uploads, all is OK now with last version, that’s really fine.

About mobile and tablet, specially iPhone and iPad, pb is that chat entering text zone is not correctly displayed… will investigate in my side.

One other most important pb with last discourse version is that Babble plugin seems to doesn’t be supported. I’ve open a post here Header layout with broke with last discourse (9fdea6c)

Hope you’ll find a solution with new header, we use Babble every days :slight_smile:

Thank you and have a good evening (french zone :wink: )

(Marcos P) #308

I installed with another time and working fine, but my new vpn with docker don’t show icon of chat… :sweat:

(Panteen Pro-V) #309

Just upgraded to latest version v1.6.0.beta1 +349 but the Babble plugin did not show up.

Anyone have the same issue?

(cpradio) #310

Yes, because you are now on the experimental header version of Discourse, no plugin is working with that as of yet.

(Panteen Pro-V) #312

Is there anyway that I can reverse back to normal version (not experimental one)?

(cpradio) #313

Unfortunately, probably not. Though the header is stable enough for people to start converting the plugins to use it. Now it is a matter of finding time for those with said plugins to update them.

(William Hetherington) #314

Can you elaborate on what’s changed? What would need updated? Got a link to some info?

(James Kiesel) #315

The header has moved from having a plugin outlet (the way most of Discourse handles plugins), to using the new plugin api, meaning that plugins which used that outlet are broken (or missing)

I’ve been slammed enough over the past while that this hasn’t made my list, although retort and the quick messages plugins have made the shift over, so that’s where I’d look first for something to copy on getting it back up to speed.

I’m hoping to find some time next week to get to this, but I’ve been saying that for 2 weeks now sooo… :flushed:

(Rodrigo) #316

Just installed Babble is this the reason why the icon won’t show?? Made a chat channel, enabled babble, but nothing…

I have Discourse v1.6.0.beta3 +24.

Thanks :slight_smile: