Babble - A Chat Plugin [ARCHIVE]

(Marcos P) #308

I installed with another time and working fine, but my new vpn with docker don’t show icon of chat… :sweat:


(Panteen Pro-V) #309

Just upgraded to latest version v1.6.0.beta1 +349 but the Babble plugin did not show up.

Anyone have the same issue?


(cpradio) #310

Yes, because you are now on the experimental header version of Discourse, no plugin is working with that as of yet.

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(Panteen Pro-V) #312

Is there anyway that I can reverse back to normal version (not experimental one)?

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(cpradio) #313

Unfortunately, probably not. Though the header is stable enough for people to start converting the plugins to use it. Now it is a matter of finding time for those with said plugins to update them.


(William Hetherington) #314

Can you elaborate on what’s changed? What would need updated? Got a link to some info?


(James Kiesel) #315

The header has moved from having a plugin outlet (the way most of Discourse handles plugins), to using the new plugin api, meaning that plugins which used that outlet are broken (or missing)

I’ve been slammed enough over the past while that this hasn’t made my list, although retort and the quick messages plugins have made the shift over, so that’s where I’d look first for something to copy on getting it back up to speed.

I’m hoping to find some time next week to get to this, but I’ve been saying that for 2 weeks now sooo… :flushed:


(Rodrigo) #316

Just installed Babble is this the reason why the icon won’t show?? Made a chat channel, enabled babble, but nothing…

I have Discourse v1.6.0.beta3 +24.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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(| full stack virgin) #317

there were changes that made this plugin not compatible. we’re still waiting for the author’s update. maybe 1-2 weeks the most as per his advise.


(| full stack virgin) #318

hopefully, they’ll be updates from the babble chat plugin. :smiley:

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(Panteen Pro-V) #319

i am waitting for update as well since Babble is pretty much the essential part of my forum. This plugin is so awesome in many way


(François Eric King) #320

I’m really hurry to get an update of this babble plugin and work again with my discourse forum cause its a big part for us too :slight_smile: The plugin update is it shure? :slight_smile:

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(James Kiesel) #321

It will happen. @GlitchMr has started on it, and made some progress as part of his Google Summer of Code project. It’s unfortunately too big of a project for me to break off at this exact moment, as the migration for this whole plugin to using vdom is not trivial.

If I get some time in the coming bit I’ll work on an interim solution to somehow get the new widget slot to render the existing code, but no promises! :palm_tree:



Any updates on the progress?

Is this a broken plugin now?

Please update status, @gdpelican.

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(James Kiesel) #323

Er, the status is the same. Someone is being compensated to work on this as part of Google Summer of Code, but progress has been slow thus far.


(Angus McLeod) #324

@gdpelican I had some time this weekend, so I decided to help out a bit here as babble is the most popular Discourse plugin and has out of action for a while now.

Also, as you say, this is a big task and somewhat arduous task. Basically, the whole client-side has to be widgetized.

I’m not sure how far along @GlitchMr is, but I just submitted a PR with most of the client widgetized.

This is what it looks like atm on this PR:

Remaining todos:

  1. Post content rendering cleanup.

  2. Topic list toggler fix.

  3. Re-implement uploads (this could be done separately)

  4. Style cleanups.

@GlitchMr I can help you finish it if you like. Let me know if you’re struggling with anything.


(Joe Seyfried) #325

You’re my hero of the day! :slight_smile:


(| full stack virgin) #326

wow! that’s serious progress there. :smiley:
thank you guys for stepping up


(Konrad Borowski) #327

Post content rendering cleanup.

Done in GitHub - xfix/babble at babble-improvements (feel free to merge that one into your branch)

Style cleanups.

And this is the part where I got stuck on, trying to figure out how to fix that thing, and at this point I just sorta gave up (it’s not of importance for my own GSoC project anyway). I will provide a tip however if you are interested in that.

Dropdown itself (after pressing on Babble icon) shouldn’t be part of a menu, but rather part of a panel (check old version, if you want to check how it used to work). Dropdown being part of a menu causes things to center and change in size (because only icons should be in a menu).

How do you render a dropdown in a different DOM node, I’m not entirely sure. virtual-dom is a really weird API, I do admit.


(| full stack virgin) #328

aesthetic would be my least concern now. once this is up and running my members will surely be grateful the discourse existed.