Babble - A Chat Plugin [ARCHIVE]

(James Kiesel) #471

(You can get it today on the bleeding edge by following the instructions in the README)

(James) #472

Thanks @gdpelican I’ll wait until there is less chance of blood loss, I’m not technical enough to cope!

(Алексей Копаев) #473

on the chat page, this error comes up when you click on the button “New Topic”. Maybe it makes sense to hide on this page? To ensure that users are not confused?

(James Kiesel) #474

Nah, we should just fix it so the New Topic button works all of the time. Incidentally, I can’t seem to get that to happen on; what are the steps you did to get that error?

(Mittineague) #475

Maybe a regression?


That’s actually a really cool idea - this is a great replacement for private messages! :smiley:



There seems to be a bug in the latest bubble branch which brings the whole discourse instance down to a blank page. Only the admin/upgrade can be reached.

This is the extract from the Console while trying to load discourse after upgrading to the latest discourse branch (e0803e1) and babble (c4087ca):

TypeError:     _ember_jquery-37ec894….js:31194 TypeError: this.resource is not a function
        at e.default (
        at e.value (
        at Array.forEach (native)
        at n (
        at Object.initialize (
        at Object.test.n.initialize (
        at Object.t [as default] (
    s	@	_ember_jquery-37ec894….js:31194
    trigger	@	_ember_jquery-37ec894….js:52141
    (anonymous)	@	_ember_jquery-37ec894….js:53392
    invoke	@	_ember_jquery-37ec894….js:343
    flush	@	_ember_jquery-37ec894….js:407
    flush	@	_ember_jquery-37ec894….js:215
    end	@	_ember_jquery-37ec894….js:570
    run	@	_ember_jquery-37ec894….js:692
    join	@	_ember_jquery-37ec894….js:712
    u.join	@	_ember_jquery-37ec894….js:20452
    (anonymous)	@	_ember_jquery-37ec894….js:20515
    l	@	_ember_jquery-37ec894….js:7
    fireWith	@	_ember_jquery-37ec894….js:7
    ready	@	_ember_jquery-37ec894….js:7
    a	@	_ember_jquery-37ec894….js:7

(Pad Pors) #478

Is this plugin going to be replaced by full page chat or are they different plugins?

(Angus McLeod) #479

Full page chat is part of this plugin. Currently in this plugin, you can use either full page chat or the shoutbox style.

Eventually, we will also merge quick messages into this plugin. So there will be a single chat plugin with various options.

@LuckyLuke It looks like @gdpelican fixed the issues arising out of the Ember 2.4 upgrade, so please try again.


I restarted my server and this is happening:

(Pad Pors) #481

Thanks, and it looks amazing :heart_eyes: looking forward to try it.

(Pad Pors) #482

some slight issues regarding the plugin:

  1. when a user is in two chat groups, he will not get the chat-notifications of chat1 if his chat window is in on chat2 group. and so he will dismiss the chat messages.

  2. when I write something in chat window, if I accidentally click on somewhere out of the chat window before sending the message, the writings will be deleted! and I need to write them again. it would be great if the written text becomes drafted in the chat window even when we go out of the window.

  3. the emoji’s button on the chat window do not load any emoji, while typing a : will.


When a user loads our site now, this is what displays. Is there a way to get it to load previous messages on page load again?

(James Kiesel) #484

Looks like that topic doesn’t have any messages in it. Can you describe the actions you took before that started happening?

(yadi) #485

I have a community that used to live on a traditional forum and we’ve migrated to whatsapp mainly for ease of use with the chat environment on mobile, but the one thing we miss about the traditional forum is the ability to organize in depth conversations. I’ve been looking for a better solution for some time.

I was excited to find Discourse, and especially now with the Babble plugin. I’m hopeful that we can combine the best of both worlds. Can anyone suggest some active communities that are using the Babble plugin that I could join, to get a better sense of how it all works?

(Rysher) #486

@gdpelican Is there a chance that


will be fixed soon?

Many thanks for the plugin anyway, great work!

(Fajfi) #487

I have also problem with doubling posts.
In the demo problem exist too.


I was trying to create the full page chat rooms and created and deleted a lot of them named hiphop, music, and random.

Then I turned off full page chat because it was buggy and went back to this one. It will load the previous messages in the chatroom once another user types a message. So you have to wait on the page for someone else to type something. Luckily my forum has enough active users where there is usually someone saying something so it usually only takes a couple minutes for something to pop up.

(Carlo Kok) #489

Same problem here, with double posting, also:

(Pad Pors) #490

simple issue:

  • I renamed the chat folder and all the chat channels have been removed :frowning: , p.s.: I didn’t know this will happen if I rename the chat folder. then after I rebuild those channels, all the chats have been removed from the chat panel.
    they still exist in the other folder, but I can’t bring them back to the chat view.

update: I just found out the chat topic in the other folder and moved it back to chat folder, and chat history is shown in the chat panel again :sunglasses:

  • I’d rather not to see the chat category in the category list, is it possible? especially by those who do not have permission to do chat.

  • I have an old chrome in my ubuntu, and there when I open up chats it jumps down like this:

of course not that important since my chrome should get updated! but I thought it’d be better to share it.