Babble - A Chat Plugin [ARCHIVE]

(Muíran Shíoraí) #491

Can Babble be configured to emulate Facebook Messenger’s functionality? Perhaps retaining the character of Discourse UI but instead of the chat dominating the entire page, with a persistent column of a couple of hundred pixels width, vertical orientation can be on the right or left, allowing the User to navigate site wide while engaged in One-to-One or Group discourse?

(Rysher) #492

Unfortunately, there is no response to critical issues for about two weeks, so have to choose another solution for chat.

(Sam Saffron) #493

Where is your holiday spirit? This is a very slow time of year


Are there other solutions as good as babble? I love babble but it has been broken on my site the past 2 weeks too, and I would even pay to get it fixed. Not a ton of money but a little bit… since I don’t have ads or make money on my site.

(Pad Pors) #495

there is quick message plugin which is not exactly the same as babble but work like a messenger:

then is your forum update? how about the plugin? as babble is working fine in our case.


My forum is updated and I have the latest version of babble. I think there is an issue with my database or something which I know nothing about. Would love someone to join and look into it on my site.


Hi there. Thank you for your work on this plugin.

But since last update, i have a counter that says -XX even if i have viewed the last messages in the chat box.

Any guess ? Do you have the same problem ?

(Pad Pors) #498

it’d be good if you look at the logs in admin panel, it may show you some clues.

also it may be the worst solution, but you can always remove the plugin, rebuild the site, and then add the plugin and rebuild the site again!

This way if anything has happened because of other previous actions in plugin setting or whatever, would be deleted.

(Fajfi) #499

On the newest discourse version I cant create chat :frowning:

(Tomek) #500

@gdpelican Does this plugin work with the newest Discourse version? I cannot add any new channels after installation and I don’t see the icon in the header ;(

(Fajfi) #501

Plugin works great on 1.6 but from today we have 1.7 official stable version, this plugin should be repaired.

(Geoff Forster) #502

Hopefully the plugin author will find time in his busy life to repair his plugin.
I’m guessing it will be a major rewrite, but we can’t have any expectations that he ‘should’ repair it.
Work, family, holidays … life come first.

(Fajfi) #503

I didn’t said that he need to repair this. This is open source project and maybe some of us have skills to repair it. But for now plugin is broken and it only works properly on 1.6.

(Pad Pors) #504

If you explain more why you couldn’t create chat or show some error log, there would be chances others can help.

currently our forum is up-to-date to 1.7 and the plugin is working good.

(Fajfi) #505

There is on issue list on github:

Problem exist after click new channel. Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)
plugin-third-party-97c42c0fe32445bfcbd759f7c69a8759bf64ad92b345815a28597eeb982da8df.js:1 Object
ember_jquery-60dedd1dca1d8b8ce48b6d0087db3b96f3149b9b5af2d0c7c6357967d29031fb.js:17 Uncaught Error: 

Compile Error: bind-attr is not a modifier
        at t.compile (ember_jquery-60dedd1dca1d8b8ce48b6d0087db3b96f3149b9b5af2d0c7c6357967d29031fb.js:17)
        at t.e.compileStatement (ember_jquery-60dedd1dca1d8b8ce48b6d0087db3b96f3149b9b5af2d0c7c6357967d29031fb.js:16)
        at t.compile (ember_jquery-60dedd1dca1d8b8ce48b6d0087db3b96f3149b9b5af2d0c7c6357967d29031fb.js:16)
        at i.compile (ember_jquery-60dedd1dca1d8b8ce48b6d0087db3b96f3149b9b5af2d0c7c6357967d29031fb.js:14)
        at e.invokeBlock (ember_jquery-60dedd1dca1d8b8ce48b6d0087db3b96f3149b9b5af2d0c7c6357967d29031fb.js:18)
        at t.evaluate (ember_jquery-60dedd1dca1d8b8ce48b6d0087db3b96f3149b9b5af2d0c7c6357967d29031fb.js:16)
        at e.execute (ember_jquery-60dedd1dca1d8b8ce48b6d0087db3b96f3149b9b5af2d0c7c6357967d29031fb.js:18)
        at e.resume (ember_jquery-60dedd1dca1d8b8ce48b6d0087db3b96f3149b9b5af2d0c7c6357967d29031fb.js:18)
        at t.handleException (ember_jquery-60dedd1dca1d8b8ce48b6d0087db3b96f3149b9b5af2d0c7c6357967d29031fb.js:18)
        at e.handleException (ember_jquery-60dedd1dca1d8b8ce48b6d0087db3b96f3149b9b5af2d0c7c6357967d29031fb.js:18)

Problem exist on 1.7, 1.8. It doesnt matter which branch you choose.

Maybe you have your chats created and it works good.

Do you have doubling message problem?


Anyone want to put together some donations to get it fixed? My community is upset it is broken as it was their fave feature…



Can I revert to an older version of Discourse and Babble so I can get chat working again? My users are very mad that chat is gone.

How to do this?


Any idea when this might be fixed. I got Discourse to work but I can’t add any chat streams. I just added this plugin to my site, bad timing I guess…

(Matt Landseadel) #509

I’m right there with you - our site just launched and immediately the chat is broken. Really need this plugin fixed.


@gdpelican is everything okay with you? I think many people would be willing to donate to get this fixed…