Babble - A Chat Plugin [ARCHIVE]

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Could the option to show the chat only for a specific group remain? That’s how I’m using it today :slight_smile:


Hello @gdpelican, happy that you found some time to update your plugin! Our community is really waiting to use it :slight_smile:
I’ve update master plugin, but seems to already been an issue with Safari, could you have a look. Clicking on icon give:

Thx a lot!

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What version of Safari are you running?


I’m running Safari Version 10.0.2 (12602.

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I’m also getting reports that chat does not work on Safari or IE11 on Windows (works in Edge).

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Errm, there hasn’t been a Safari for Windows for years.

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I know, I meant Safari for Mac and IE 11 for Windows :slight_smile:


I just write CSS {display:none;} for the images


In fact, it doesn’t work well on Safari (all Apple devices, Mac, iPad, iPhone) and also on Firefox for iPad and iPhone.


@gdpelican, we removed Babble plugin for now, but we’re not able to remove ‘Chat’ category, as it is locked, and says that there is a post count = 1 (default category post, couldn’t be removed). Do you have an idea?


How remove a category locked
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Another suggestion: If a new message comes in while scrolling up in the chat, the chat jumps to the bottom. This makes it very hard to read the history in a busy chat :slight_smile: Can “jump-to-bottom” be disabled if the user has scrolled up?

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Problem solved

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Sweet, I have it on my list for the week to get Safari and IE11 working, and will take a look at the scrolling issues as well.

We also got set up with OpenCollective over the weekend, so if you’d like to make a donation towards development of Babble (it would be much appreciated!), please do so here: Babble - Open Collective

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Donation is on the way! :smiley: Great work on the plugin, my community loves it :slight_smile:

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Alright, I’ve pushed a fix for Safari 10.0, as well as fixing the scroll-on-new-message bug, and updating the Polish translations. :airplane_small:

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Awesome! Great job :slight_smile: Next on my community’s wishlist would be the mobile UI issues (Mobile use · Issue #199 · gdpelican/babble · GitHub) :wink: :metal:

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I’m wondering how babble works.
There’s no ruby code in repo, how it receives message and send it to the interlocutor?

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Sorry, I mixed up, downloaded the wrong repo

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Do you know if you can implement a feature to allow discourse owners to put the shoutbox like in the center and on the top of their discourse forum, below the nav bar? So it looks like an actual shoutbox for everyone to see in the center of the page instead of a shoutbox put off to the side :slight_smile: ?