Babble - A Chat Plugin [ARCHIVE]

(James Kiesel) #551

Sorry, I’ll need a mockup of some kind to know what you’re proposing here.


Hi James, thx for the fix! Anyway there is still an issue clicking on Babble icon, it move menu items on the left.

(Drakon Dawn) #553

Its at the top of the forum page under navbar and centered.

(Thats xenforo btw and here’s how it looks relative to a page)

( #554

An alternative that I think would fit well with the Discourse layout, is if the chat could be docked to the right side of the screen:

  • The chat could be shown this way for users with wide enough screens. If not on a wide screen, it would show the regular overlaid chat.
  • Perhaps the chat could have an option to be embedded anywhere in a template, so one could place it wherever.
  • The chat could now be visible as users navigate around the forum. Now, the chat closes if you go back to home from a topic which means that users are constantly opening the chat again.

I might be able to create this layout just with css positioning and media queries, but I think it would be neat if it was part of the plugin :slight_smile:

(Drakon Dawn) #555

A side shoutbox would be cool, but how come the shoutbox can’t be placed in the center at the top of the site like I provided in my screenshots ? Is it harder css?

(fearlessfrog) #556

Not sure where is best to report issues/ideas. Github issues looks a bit stale.

We have a customized header block, and the shoutbox appears further down when it is showing, enough that the ‘type your chat here’ is off the screen at the bottom. If the user scrolls down to show the discourse behavior of just a smaller header then it works fine.

Example with header (Babble doesn’t show the ‘type’ box at the bottom of browser window):

Example where the header is smaller (the chat window is the right size):

Is there a CSS workaround we could try? Thanks for any help.

(James Kiesel) #557

Try this one:
admin > customize > html/css ->

.babble-menu .menu-panel.slide-in {
  calc(100vh - <header_height>) !important;

(fearlessfrog) #558

Thanks for the quick reply. We on our forum really appreciate what you do with this plugin. :slight_smile:

It seems to impact other things in the header, which is weird as the css selector scope seems ok:

(James Kiesel) #559

Sorry, you have to replace <header_height> in the css with the pixel height of your header.

(fearlessfrog) #560

:slight_smile: I realized that after. Still the same as the screenshot.

Any of these:

.babble-menu .menu-panel.slide-in {
  calc(100vh - 176vh) !important;

.babble-menu .menu-panel.slide-in {
  calc(100vh - 176) !important;

.babble-menu .menu-panel.slide-in {
  calc(100vh - 176px) !important;

.seem to have the same effect as the screenshot with the red X.

EDIT: Perhaps it was just a .css asset cache issue for me. It seems like just editing and saving, and then reverting the attempts above seem to have sorted it out for me. Sorry for any time wasted. :expressionless:

(James Kiesel) #561

Also, github issues is probably still the best place for this; I get notified there more effectively than here, and then the conversations can be threaded to a particular bug/issue.

(Drakon Dawn) #562

Any feedback on whether you can setup the chatbox layout like I described up above in my gyazo shots?

(James Kiesel) #563

I’m happy to look at a PR for it, but it’s not something I’ll be able to dedicate time towards myself at this time.

(Mitchell Krog) #564

Gosh this is a long topic. Is this considered stable enough for a live site yet?

(Tomek) #565

Any ideas why I cannot see a “chat” category on the list of categories?

Babble is working fine but there is no category named chat and @ notifications point to something like this which results in 404.

Also links to user profiles in the chat room are broken:[object%20Object]

(Drakon Dawn) #566

How much for this feature? Exclusive to me?

(James Kiesel) #567

Hm… I’m not sure that I even could do ‘exclusive to you’ functionality, since it’s an open source plugin and doing a non-OSS plugin-of-a-plugin doesn’t seem like much fun. Also I charge pretty exorbitantly for closed source work, because I would much rather be working on open source code in my free time.

If you shoot me a DM with a rough budget, I’d be happy to consider a contract to extend the functionality though.

(James Kiesel) #568

We’ve just migrated from using a category to identify chat topics, to using a topic Archetype, so likely there was a snag in that migration somewhere. I’ll have to look into why a ‘chat’ category may not appear, but it should be a regular old category now. Have you tried recreating or renaming the category?

(Panteen Pro-V) #569

I have some issue with running your plugin via https. On the console log, it shows that it has some error due to the images are supposed to be served over https but instead being served in http. Not sure if that’s the reason that cause massive slowdown when I click on Chat icon (it take like 2 seconds to appear, then when I start typing, it’s so delay it’s feeling like you are typing in SSH session )

(Tomek) #570

I have recreated the chat category.
I cannot create a chat associated with this category however because I get en error: