Babble - A Chat Plugin [ARCHIVE]


No, I am just using the shoutbox. Turning off mentions isn’t a desirable scenario either. Preferably it would open the shoutbox or if that is not possible, it would take you to a different page. Another solution would be turning off notifications for those mentions but that kind of defeats the purpose. Maybe you should turn them off if there is no better solution.

Also, I wish full page chat could be restricted to certain groups of users like the general one.

(James Kiesel) #592

Groups are likely going away at some point, or supported as legacy functionality. I think it makes much more sense to map chats to categories, and it definitely makes sense to not support two different things going forward, as it makes the plugin logic much more complex.

Likely the mention solution is going to be forcing full page chat mode to be on (and maybe adding an option for having it appear in the category or not instead), since taking you to a whole different page is the reason for having full page chat.


But then there is this massive issue of spam control, if anyone who has just joined the forums can post there. Chat is harder to control as compared to regular posts. On our Forum we have chat only available to Level1 users and above.

You could enforce category security restrictions in the chat as well, that would work.

(Tomek) #594

@gdpelican can we hope for a IE11 fix? Almost 10% of my traffic is from this browser and as long as Babble breaks the whole forum I cannot use it ;(

(James Kiesel) #595

I will take a look at the IE thing soon.


It seems that, since last update, sometime the babble window cannot be closed. I need to refresh, and sometimes it fix it.

Edit : it happens when we open the chat windows and then click on a topic.

Before opening a topic :

After opening a topic (can’t close babble window anymore) :

Notice the difference of background at chat icon.

(Robin) #597

We’ve recently updated the plugin for our community ( if you’d like to see)

We had the same issue that @Sylvain7 had while we were on the beta branch, but switching over to the master branch has resolved the issue.

Additionally, we also noticed that users running some Android versions could no longer access the discourse site. The site would load and then just result in a blank page. I noticed two errors in the browser’s console. At least one is related to Babble:

Uncaught ReferenceError: Set is not defined", source:

Uncaught ReferenceError: Set is not defined", source:

My guess is that the older browser fails to load the page due to these JS errors.

We are on the latest Discourse branch and the only plugin we have installed is Babble. Removing the Babble plugin from the site solves the issue.

(James Kiesel) #598

I’ve just pushed fixes for properly respecting private category permissions.

I’ve also removed references to the Set object, which should fix the older android devices. I’d also be cautiously optimistic about it fixing IE11, but I haven’t been able to get my hands on a testing device so can’t confirm that yet.

Haven’t been able to repro the issue @Sylvain7 is describing; does it happen on all browsers? Does it happen on Any errors in the console?

I’ve also made some headway on the ios experience, which I’d characterize as ‘pretty useable’ at the moment, although it does occasionally scroll you to an odd place after the keyboard shows up. Will continue to chip away at this one.


Discourse version : v1.8.0.beta5 +199
Babble Version : 2.0.3

The bug i mentionned still appears in both Firefox and Chrome.

Did you try changing the fa-icon ?

Noticed by a user : ‘Babble composer already active or could not be found’ (don’t know if helpful) Error appears only after opening the chat window and click on a topic

(Serfma) #600

Having a plugin conflict with GitHub - discourse/discourse-voting: Adds the ability for voting on a topic within a specified category in Discourse.. With the two plugins enabled, the shoutbox icon in header doesn’t display. Not entirely sure how to debug or check for errors, so if anyone knows how, let me know so we can get it resolved quickly. :slight_smile:

(Steven-Anthony Winderlich) #601

There seems to be an issue with slowdown over time when there are alot of messages in chat and also typing is very slow for me both on my S7 Edge with Android 7 using Chrome and on my laptop using Firefox with Windows 10 Insider Fast Ring.

Seems to work much better in Microsoft Edge tho for whatever reason.

Also when you post new messages it sometimes says invalid date after posting the message for a while.

(Fajfi) #602

When I send message I need to click into textbox again to send again. Is there any fix for this?

(Tomek) #603

I had to disable Babble on my forum, the latest version has simply too much bugs and the amount of complaints we had forced us to stop using it.

(fearlessfrog) #604

We’ve switched over to the full page chat on a category, it seems better I think.

@gdpelican - one common comment that came up is that it would be great to still show a ‘shoutbox’ bullhorn icon up top but then link it to a full page category chat topic. Discovery of the ‘chat’ new tab section in the category seems to be the problem, as everyone was used to the shoutbox icon. Do you think there is an easy way to do that?

I guess I could just try to put a fa-bullhorn icon up top by the search and link it manually, but not sure where to start on that sort of client-side customization. Any clues from anyone appreciated :slight_smile:

(fearlessfrog) #605

Answered my own question - to add a simple icon, this is a good guide:

(James Kiesel) #606

I’ve just pushed a couple small fixes to the beta branch:

  • Add link to full page chat from the shoutbox (which can also by ctrl+clicked to open in a new tab / window)

  • Also made it so that the composer re-focuses after sending a message

I’ve also got a ‘who’s online’ widget working locally, but want to play around with it some more before showing it off. Stay tuned!

(Albert Westra) #607

The latest beta has cause my chat icon to disappear from the header. What do I need to do to debug the plugin to find what’s causing the problem?


Did some research as well and realize I’m having the same problem as well.

(Fajfi) #608

Is it possible to show somehow yt links?

There is albo problem with missing polish translation, its need to change to “pl_PL” probably.

(James Kiesel) #609

Hrm, I’ll see if I can figure out why that’s happening this week.


I find babble in curret state inconvenient. I wolud love to have chat as a dynamic side panel that scrolls down with site. Does this require a lot of work and knowledge? I would even pay someone to write that code for me.