Babble - A Chat Plugin [ARCHIVE]


It’s not working for me as well
babble is enabled, but there’s no icon in header.
I have v1.8.0.beta9 Discourse.

Other plugins I have:

(Albert Westra) #632

I can confirm what you said about it conflicting with the the Feature Voting plugin. I did a rebuild of the server on with the feature voting plugin disabled and the shoutbox will show up on the header. So what feature of the voting plugin could conflict with babble?

@Shrike if you disable the discoruse-voting plugin, babble will probably work again.

(James Kiesel) #633

I’ve just pushed a fix in Babble 2.0.4 to fix the conflict with discourse voting. :motorcycle:


Is it normal:



But anyway I can’t see shoutbox in my header. Plugin is enabled.

UPDATE: my bad, shoutbox does appear (I didn’t see it due to caching probably).

(Albert Westra) #636

Latest Update fixed the issue for me. Thank you!! :grin:

(Johnny) #637

@gdpelican hi, do you have any plans to enable babble for stable versions?

(James Kiesel) #638

Sometimes Discourse does backport future commits to stable versions, which might be possible here; I’m happy to identify the commits that would need to be backported if that’s a possibility.

However I’m not willing to maintain multiple versions of this plugin, or do the hacky work which would be required to make Babble work with the current stable Discourse (believe me, I try my hardest to make Babble work with Discourse as-is; making changes to core is a last resort)

Failing that, the best thing to do is wait; those commits will show up in stable sooner rather than later. :slight_smile:

(Hugo Roger) #639

Is this plug in stable with the latest discourse update?

(James Kiesel) #640

Yes, we run the latest Discourse (or close to it) on, so if it works there it’ll work on Discourse latest

(fearlessfrog) #641

What’s the best way to try out the ‘whos online’ stuff - I think it got taken out of master?

(James Kiesel) #642

It’s on the beta branch at the moment, and live on discourse-babble-com. I’m still playing with some different designs for how it should go. Current iteration has a small display of a few users, plus a count in the top left for the shoutbox:

And full screen has a list of users on the right (not pictured because I’m on the go!)

Happy to hear feedback on those things, will update soon with a proper feature announcement :slight_smile:

(Hugo Roger) #643

Thanks @gdpelican.

I installed it on my instance and for some reason it did not work. The icon did not appear on the top right corner. On the admin dashboard I realized that it came automatically enabled to show so I dont understand why it did not work.

I went ahead and removed it since I feared conflicting or potentially causing my forum
to lose load/rendering time/speed.

(James Kiesel) #644

Did you check out the readme?



I’ve spent the past little while just browsing plug ins and the work you guys do is amazing! Cannot wait to start plugging these bad boys in (pun intended).

( #646

As a user I would be interested in knowing if a specific user was online… Perhaps you could show it like Slack does in their sidebar? I noticed that you do something similar in the full screen chat view. Perhaps a list view of all online users could appear when you tap the avatars you currently show, displayed above or covering the chat log. :slight_smile:

(James Kiesel) #647

Yes, this functionality will definitely go in.


@gdpelican amazing job so far. Few questions for you.

  1. Have you heard any reports of the chat box being very difficult to use on Android?

  2. When users click on another users name, does the plugin redirect to:[object%20Object]

  1. Will you be adding the option to “flag” a user and their comment?

Thanks again!

(Panteen Pro-V) #651

Hi, do you happen to know how to delete all the chat messages? I’d like to start from scratch but i don’t know how to clear all the messages in babble

(James Kiesel) #652

What kind of troubles are you having on android specifically?

I’ve pushed a fix for this, but haven’t merged it to master (I believe it’s in the beta branch now). I’ll merge it today.

Flagging posts is high on the list, yes.

Sure, just delete the chat channel at /admin/chats, and recreate it with the same group or category.