Babble - A Chat Plugin [ARCHIVE]


Few questions, and bug reports :slight_smile:
I’ve got chat based on one category “Oftop”


  1. When someone is mentioning me with @ and I’m clicking on the notification it’s redirecting me to 404. When I’m checking the direct url is but the link is broken, when you’re trying to access it than its redirecting back to 404
  2. Click on the user should redirect you to user profile, instead of that it’s redirecting you to[object%20Object] aaaand 404 again

Thanks for fixing emoticons!

(Stephen Chung) #696

Fixing these are probably over my head… :sweat_smile:

If it is working reasonably fine, here’s a PR for @gdpelican:


In the first problem I think that’s caused by wrong syntax in path. For example correct path to chat window in my case is:

But notification URL is pointing you to:

I think that "topic" should be created dynamically based on category name.

In the second problem I think that “.” is missing :wink:

Thanks for response! Still great job with that plugin!


@gdpelican Hi! Any updates?

(James Kiesel) #699

The latest version of babble works with the latest discourse as far as I know. I believe the ‘broken plugin’ tag can be removed here.

I’m currently working on an update which will move chat to a flexible sidebar, which will include a fix for the notification link and hopefully fix a lot of the mobile woes and obviate the need for both a full screen and a shoutbox mode, but patches of time to dedicate to this have been scarce. Will update when I’ve gotten a little further with it.

(Sam Saffron) #700

Sure, done.

Do you mind updating the OP with some recent screenshots etc?

(James Kiesel) #701

Thanks! I’ve updated the context now as well.

(Makary Gołosz) #702

Awesome! having Babble in shoutbox mode on sidebar was exactly what I dreamed about :wink:
Also, you might want to know that fullscreen (which is awesome feature) does not work with 2nd level categories (subcategories).
Cheers and keep up the good work!

(James Kiesel) #703

Here’s a little preview of the upcoming sidebar functionality, which should (although I’m not 100% certain about this yet) be able to just about replace the full page chat mode entirely.


please keep us posted when it goes up! looks legit!

(fearlessfrog) #705

Thanks @gdpelican - we loved the chat before at so have took an early plunge back on the babble sidebar branch. We realize it is an early release. Thanks for updating it.

Is there a nice CSS way to allow for a custom header height on a site? We have usually a banner region at the top of the forum normally, but that seems to push the post composer in the sidebar down out of view. Any tips/ideas here gratefully received. For now I’ve disabled the headers on our forums.

(James Kiesel) #706

Have a go at updating the height value of .babble-sidebar, which is currently set to

.babble-sidebar {
  height: calc(100% - 64px);

where 64 is the header height.

(fearlessfrog) #707

Thanks for the quick reply.

I tried that but the composer still seems to drop off the bottom and can’t be scrolled to.

It’s also harder for the styles, as when scrolling down the topics list on the right the header sort of hides by default as well leaving a white gap (I think the banner hide is just the default discourse behavior).

To recreate you can just put a div in the header Desktop HTML like this:

 <div width='100%' style='background: #3e4a57;color: #fff; padding:20px;height:136px;max-width: 1100px; margin-right: auto; margin-left: auto;'>
<!-- content -->

I’ve seen a few Discourse forums with header banners, so it might come up a bit for babble users.

(Eric Saliba) #708

I’ve just installed the latest master build and I wanted to point out a few bugs:

  • Usernames have broken links from chat area, they do not link to the user profiles.
  • Keep getting “Invalid Time” in chat area
  • Edit message doesn’t work, hangs on loading icon after hitting enter

Are these fixed in the sidebar version? :thinking:

(fearlessfrog) #709

In the Sidebar branch the usernames don’t link to profile pages as yet. The invalid date I think is still there and seems to be related to a user’s msg having a local TZ before the server’s (i.e. our people further East than GMT I believe, for us anyway). The edit msg icons is gone for me, so I couldn’t see if it hung.

(Eric Saliba) #710

Damn, wish this plugin wasn’t broken or I’d use it. :frowning:

Hopefully these bugs can be fixed soon!

(Stephen Chung) #711

It is not broken ans useable. What they are discussing is an experimental branch. The master branch works well.

(Eric Saliba) #712

No, these have been all found in the master branch, I just did a clean install. Hopefully they can be fixed soon!

(Stephen Chung) #713

I stand corrected. Yes there are some minor bugs. However they don’t distract from normal usage too much.

(James Kiesel) #714

Hm, I’m surprised. Here’s my local site with the following css customizations:

.d-header {
  height: 200px;
.babble-sidebar {
  height: calc(100% - 200px);
  margin-top: 200px;

In any case I’m confident there will be a way to handle a custom height header with a little css trickery.

I’ve fixed the user avatars, channel switching, editing posts in the sidebar branch, which is shaping up nicely. I’ll have a go at the invalid date bug soon. Stay tuned :slight_smile: