Babble - A Chat Plugin [ARCHIVE]

(Blu McCormick) #838

Do the uploading attachments work for you?


Hmm, it works to select an action,


but not uploading, forgot to check first before posting, my apologizes.

But when i upload it makes the box grey and doesn’t upload.

@McBlu does it work for you

(Blu McCormick) #840

Yeah, same for me and a few other people I have asked. Thanks for the clarification.


Attachments are a problem. We get a ton of activity on our chat. You don’t see lag with little activity, but on my site phones start to lag during the normal course of the day. Desktop seems to be fine which makes me think it’s not a question of hosting robustness.

(Blu McCormick) #842

We don’t have the chat activity yet just test runs with a chat post here and there. If it becomes a problem under the conditions you describe I will report it here.

I’d be fine if the attachment function was removed. Right now it freezes the chat once selected. I figure people can post attachments to the forum topics.

(James Kiesel) #843

Ooops sorry for the delay here. I’ve fixed attachments in latest.

Can’t seems to reproduce any problems with emojis; is it broken on for you?

(Blu McCormick) #844

Thank you so much. I will be sure to report in after updates my plugin.

(James Kiesel) #845

Alright, I think I’ve fixed the ‘invalid date’ bug, so if you pull latest and still encounter it, please let me know. Also just merged a PR to make the notification indicator much more visible. :smiley:

(Blu McCormick) #846

G’day @gdpelican

I tested the plugin a number of times and it works beautifully on my desktop. Yay.

It doesn’t work at all on my iPhone 6 and I only have iPhone 6s in my house to test the app on. I’ll see if I can get other members of my group to test it on different phones.

On the phone (which uses safari), neither emojis nor attachments work. I videoed a demo for you to see and am happy to test whatever you need out if you think this glitch is something affecting more than just me.

As you can see, pressing the emoji icon does nothing. Pressing the attachment icon brings up the attachment window but then the attachment doesn’t upload to the chat window. Other members using your plugin report a delay in chats being posted. I don’t know if we experience that as all our group chats are being conducted in the real world and I’ve only done random, one-post tests.

@ninermac, @Noah751, @tran how do your phones do with the update for attachments and emojis? Is it just me?


I can confirm that I am still having issues uploading attachments on my phone, I am not at my office right now to access a desktop, but I will let you know when I do :wink:

(Blu McCormick) #848

What model is your phone and what browser does it use?


LG Premier (Android) using Chrome

(James Kiesel) #850

Alright I’ve got a fix for the emojis, which I’ll push soon. Attachments work on my Google Pixel, but it does feel like you don’t know what’s happening because there’s no progress bar, so I’ll try to put that in as well to see if it’s just taking longer than you might expect to upload, or whether something’s broken.

(Blu McCormick) #851

Thanks, @gdpelican.

A progress bar is a great idea. I just tested out uploads to the forum in general and it WAS helpful having the progress bar. I am wondering if members could try and upload something too big. I picked a photo that was too large in size when doing my test in the forum. Oops. In the forum, there is a message that comes up to let you know if your attachment is too large. That could be another explanation for why attachments weren’t working in my test runs on the chat plugin. If so, I’m sincerely sorry.


Ok. My forum loves this thing. In a week and a half we already expired a channel, hitting 10k and Discourse auto closed the topic. Took a week and a half.

What should I do? I’d like to keep the topic and posts but not sure how to even access the topic the channel was posting to.

The channel was using group permissions. How could I make it so it would manage topics in behind the scenes, should I use category channels?

Need to know my options for high use chat. I’m thinking a good solution would be a background process that checks a chat room size and then prunes/archives chats to somewhere else, keeping the chat to 1000 or less chats at all times. I’ve noticed that as we approached 10K lag became a greater problem for mobile users.


(James Kiesel) #853

Hi mac, thanks for reporting this.

I used to have a feature in there where we’d drop off the oldest message once the chat reached a certain size (effectively limiting the size of the chat to a user-specified number), but looking in the repo now… it gone, heh. :flushed: I did hear complaints about people wanting a full archive of the chat (even if it’s not super accessible, at least it’s there, and it’s on your server so you own it, unlike Slack). I’d consider putting this back in, with a user-configurable ‘I want the last x posts (or maybe the last x amount of time?) to be stored’

I don’t think the full size of the chat would impact lag too significantly, as we only load 100 posts at a time, so unless the window’s open for a long time (or you click ‘load previous’ a whole bunch of times), there’s never an inordinate amount of messages onscreen at a given time. It’s possible Babble would get more laggy with lots of activity (or lots of users connected) at one time though.

Your best option today would be to go in and set auto_close_messages_post_count to 0 (note that this will make it so that Discourse doesn’t auto-close all topics in the forum), and update the status of the topic in question to ‘visible’. I can probably write something which will make the auto-closer ignore Babble topics in the future.

To find the Babble topic, you can do something like this in the console:


which will list out all of your chat channels, from which you should be able to narrow down the one in question.


Yeah, not sure how many were in there at a time. The lag seemed to be centered around typing. Not as noticeable on desktop, but in mobile it would take time for typed letters to show in the composer. After that channel/topic auto closed, I created a new one for people to switch to. Lag pretty much went away.

Would love to be able to keep a log of the chats out into perpetuity.

Awesome plugin BTW. Easily one of the best forum chat addons in the space, not just Discourse.

(Blu McCormick) #855

We’d love to keep an archive of our chats. This just came up the other day in discussion.

It would be great to have the option to turn this on or off.

I second that! Made my day when I found your plugin.

(Anuj Saini) #856

How we can make sticky chatbox ?


Great!! Marked it, will testing it later.