Babble - A Chat Plugin [ARCHIVE]


Anyone else have issues with cursor and pasting into the chat from an iPhone? I want to say iPad works.

iPhone shows no cursor and tapping within the text brings up the keyboard. Another tap takes the keyboard away. Long presses do not act as expected for a normal iOS text area on the iPhone.

The main complaint I’m getting related to it is the inability to paste links into the chat because of the way the textbox is operating on the iPhone.

I just updated to the latest and the upload and emojis seem to be working well on the iPhone now.

Thanks so much for the continued support of this plugin.


I have the following issue: After sending a message the text input area stays greyed out and the sent message has a spinning wheel next to it. Only after reloading the page in the browser the message is shown correctly and I can send a new one.

Any idea?

(James Kiesel) #860

Are you able to reproduce the error on What device(s) and browsers have you tested on? Is it happening just for you or for others using the site?


Happened to other users as well. Also in all browsers.

I wasn’t able to reproduce the error on in same browser/os

(Vlad) #862

Is it possible to grow up somewhere in a live chat?


I’ve played around with this a bit and found I can get cursor… and paste things in. It seems to be all linked to this problem with iOS that has yet to be fixed:

What I’ve found is that you can get cursor back if you tap in the input box to bring up the keyboard and then play with using your thumb to swipe right inside the box like there is something off the screen to the left you’re trying to get to (in my case that’s where the cursor is on the iPhone).


I have the invalid date bug. It’s a fresh install, from today. Discourse 2, beta 5.
Also, sometimes it displays “load more” and requires a manual refresh.


reloading the page and reopening chat fixes both problems. Until it happens again that is…

also, if a browser window is wide, the layout gets messed up and the chat overlaps the discussion area.


i can’t seem to add a new channel. i have the most recent update.

(Joel) #866

if you could share this that would be great. I am interested in doing something similar.

(gagan) #867

Hy guys! I am using babble plugin, but I want to show notification on chat room, when someone logs into the room also shows how many users and who is in the chat room. Is it possible in babble?


I wouldn’t recall that, i’ve seen some improvements while using this plugin, if its dead it would be technically broken :wink:

You will probably want to explain more in depth and repost this in the #marketplace category since it is a better place to post stuff like this.

(James Kiesel) #871

Hm. I feel you’re being a bit unfair here, and that your language is quite unnecessarily incendiary. Babble has improved massively over the past few years, and myself and others have put in quite a bit of work (not only to Babble, but to the core codebase as well) to keep it working with a fast-moving product. This started as a side project hacked out over a few weekends, and turned into something that a lot of people have asked for improvements on (in a lot of different directions), and I quite simply have not had the time or motivation to invest in it. When I have some free time (and/or some monetary motivation), I would be happy to put things in like who’s in the room, like person-to-person messaging, like webhooks for interactions with other engines… I too want it to be better than what it is today.

But Babble doesn’t seem like it’s going to be made an official plugin. It doesn’t bring me monetary compensation. It’s no longer a passion project. And I work for (and partially own) a Discourse competitor, so every hour I spend working on Babble (or other Discourse work), is an hour that I’m not only not spending on my livelihood, but using to improve the experience of the thousands of people who use my competitor’s product.

That being said, I am a strong believer in open source. I think things like this should exist, and be free, and open, and available to anyone. I am committed to keeping Babble working with Discourse going forward. Despite what you say, I know that a lot of people use and like this plugin, not only as a community tool, but as an example of what a quite advanced Discourse plugin can look like, and it’s not my intention to let it die unless Discourse itself does.

I do still occasionally put aside a bit of time to work on Babble. Showing who’s in the room is on the list; recently I’ve been working on private user-to-user chat - and there’s always a host of xbrowser / mobile-related oddities, the elusive invalid date bug, etc to chip away at. Things definitely are still improving. So keep the feedback coming, please; I try to read everything and am (agreed, slowly) working to make this thing better.

Babble - A Chat Plugin
(Blu McCormick) #874

Thanks for everything you do. I might add, you’ve kindly answered all my questions in here and via PM and fixed the bugs that have come up recently in the time I’ve used the plugin. The plugin is a key feature for me.

(Orlando Del Aguila) #877

Hey James,

I’m in need of these features (how many users in the room, new messages counter, who’s in the room, a floating toggle and private chat rooms), and was about to start implementing them, but if you have some work done already, I can use it as a base. Would you mind to upload it as a separated branch in your Github repo?.

Also, I’ve been doing some customization to the chat plugin, and my plan is to clean the default css and PR these back to your repo.

Here’s is how it looks for now (these are styles for the project I’m working on but still WIP)

And thanks for this, chat is a key feature for us and having something that works inside Discourse is great

(James Kiesel) #878

Hi @eatcodetravel,

Yes, let’s collaborate! My work is up on a branch called ‘pms’. Online / who’s in the room was implemented and then pulled back due to not performing that well under stress testing, so we’ll have to have another stab at that.

A cleanup of the css would be a huggge boon to this project, so thank you for your efforts in this direction; this plugin is a classic example of ‘YAGNI’ css which actually did grow to the point where we need it.

(Orlando Del Aguila) #879


I’ll take at the repo and let you know if something comes up. I’m working on other features at the moment that have more priority, but I’ll get back to the chat as soon as possible.

Babble - A Chat Plugin

Has anyone been able to look into this issue?

(James Kiesel) #881

I’ve had a peek at this @drreen and haven’t been able to repro. Are you able to link me to your instance so I can see it happening there? Are you certain that you’re running the latest version of Discourse and Babble?


I am running latest version of discourse 1.9 + latest version of Babble

(Andrew Waugh) #883

We just enabled the plugin last night.

Some users (including myself) are seeing significant time delays while typing, and also with posts appearing.

I see it on Edge, but others are seeing it on iOS platforms.

In my case it isn’t connection speed, as it works fine with Chrome, but not with Edge.

I see in sidekiq that there seems to be a backlog of the UserEmail job.

Also, for some users the chat window displays their Name, for others not. Username is always displayed.

Any clues?