Babble - A Chat Plugin [ARCHIVE]

(Gunnar Helliesen) #884

Any chance of getting the Bullhorn icon to display chat activity? I.e., have it change color if the chat is currently active? Maybe also some other form of “while you were away” indication that a chat I was active in earlier, has had activity while I was away?


(James Kiesel) #885

Sure. The icon should be highlighted already when there’s new activity in your active chat, but that leaves quite a bit to be desired. I think modelling slack here is the way to go; a persistant (but hideable) sidebar that lists out all the channels, highlighting ones with unread activity, which should give a nice overview of stuff you can / have to read since you’ve been away.

(Miguel) #886


How do I change the color of the icon when there are new messages?


(Miguel) #888

Nice, works!

Thanks! :smiley:

(Miguel) #889

A message appears on the date: Invalid date
Any solution?


(Fajfi) #891

When I click on avatar I got profle under chat, is there any solution?


(James Kiesel) #893

Alright, this should be fixed in the latest master. Thanks for the report!

(Bikramjit Bhangoo) #895

Messages get stuck on loading (sending) and have to refresh the page to send the message. Anybody else having this problem?

(James Kiesel) #896

Hi, can you confirm that you’re on the latest versions of Discourse and Babble? Are there any errors in the console when posting a message?

(Bikramjit Bhangoo) #897

I’m on Discourse 1.9.5. No, I do not get any error message, just gets stuck on sending with message box greyed out.

(James Kiesel) #900

Hm, I’ve just confirmed that Babble works with the latest Discourse; are you able to send me (via PM if you’d like) a screenshot of your /logs page? I’d be surprised if there wasn’t some sort of message in the developer console as well.

Babble - A Chat Plugin
(James Kiesel) #901

This topic has been deemed a MEGATOPIC and has been archived; there is lots and lots of information here that is out-of-date or irrelevant. Please refer to the new topic for Babble for more up to date information.

Have a great day! :sunny:

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