Babble - A Chat Plugin


Yes but they found the thread somehow.


@companyhen and @gdpelican, we had the same issue HERE.

“The chat module was creating a problem that actually blocked the site from loading for people not already logged in and trying to view the index or main page.”

We disabled the chat plugin on Sunday, and here is our log traffic during that span…

We are running 1.7.0.beta1, but the issue seemed to occur right before the upgrade.

Is everyone else’s Babble working? This appears only to be an issue for people not logged in, 500 server error for them.

(Josephcureton) #412


I am having a bit of trouble with the “send” button on my Babble plugin.

Here is on Chrome:

And on mobile:

Any ideas of why this is? I have yet to truly modify anything as far ass CSS goes on the site nav.


(James Kiesel) #413

Are you running the latest beta branch of Babble? I’m fairly certain it won’t make any server calls for logged out users any longer; relevant code here:

(James Kiesel) #414

I reckon I can patch that up. To clarify, you’re expecting a send button on mobile, but not on desktop?

(John Steed) #415

Just a heads up. If someone links to a forum discussion in the chat, a link appears in the discussion being linked to:

Which seems to allow everyone to access/view the chat discussion itself. I’ve only tried doing this in “anonymous mode”, though, as this usually strips me of any moderator privileges.


Is there a way to embed the babble chat into a page so users can have a full page chat open in a separate tab?

(John Steed) #417

A pop-out function like in Google Talk/Google Hangouts would be neat.

(Peter Leoni) #418

I really really really (one more time) really like this plugin… however, the mobile version doesn’t work so smoothly. I have tried it on an iphone6 and an iphone 6+.

When I open the chat screen on my phone the border with the browser functionality in safari blocks the actual chat entry. If I flip my screen I can get a little bit of the entry box but then i can barely see the chat posts (only last one is visble)

any suggestions of how to improve my experience?

Even when typing, the experience is a bit strange as my screen keeps flashing…

(Alex "Rota" Freeman) #419

I am using this plugin and am happy with it so far!

I would like the channels list to be the default display upon opening the chat. It seems to open by default to the highest level chat (first created?)

It would also be helpful to have a sticky post in the chat channels, to indicate the presence of other channels to users, or link to a tos.

I would like the user icon to click through to the user profile, if user names are not to be implemented.
Edit: Perhaps a tool tip with the users name? It’s very anonymous right now.

I would like a way for members to leave a chat.

I would like a way to apply CSS styles to individual chat channels.

Edit: Speaking of CSS, the Style
.babble-menu .slide-in {
box-sizing: border-box;
height: calc(100vh - 64px) !important;
Breaks any custom design that adds more than 64px of space at the top, like mine. The use of !important overrides custom changes. Could we get that !important flag removed from the babble plugin style sheet?
Edit 2: This occurs at the @media between 1226px and 1227px + on desktop.

-Alex the Rota

(James Kiesel) #420

Cool, thanks for the feedback.

@angus and I are going to be working on Babble in the near future, which will involve moving from a shoutbox to likely having a full page chat, which will hopefully make for a more seamless experience. Stay tuned! :tv:

(Alex "Rota" Freeman) #421

My intentions are to provide an “IRC” style experience for the members of the community. A persistent public channel where interested parties can jump in on a live discussion. This was a requirement by the CEO who green lit the project.

What I would like is a way to have a ‘discuss live’ tab on the top of each category / sub category with a built in chat lurking in the wings. This would some what mirror the talk feature on Wiki pages, but with real time chat.

The implementation has been a little tricky so far. When I replaced the non-intuitive fa fa-exchange with text reading “More Chats” the chats plugin seems to have broken (not seeing predefined chats). Making this easier to configure would be helpful (if the developers are listening). This is just a case of more trouble shooting for me, so no big deal.


Does the near future have an ETA? :open_mouth:

(James Kiesel) #423

No set ETA, although it is now in progress as I got started on it yesterday. You can follow this thread for updates as they come along.

(Chris Paterson) #424

Great plugin, thanks!

Apologies if this has already been answered - search was unhelpful - but is there any way to create a permanent chat box? I’d like a shoutbox on our homepage that users don’t have to open.

(Pirat) #425

how to add a chat are not registered user?

(James Kiesel) #426

Sorry, I don’t understand this request. Logged out users are not currently able to see or contribute to chats.

(Pirat) #427

that need to be seen at least chats

(Panteen Pro-V) #428

I’m on latest development branch of discourse and it looks like Babble icon has gone missing.

(James Kiesel) #429

Did you set the ‘full page mode’ to true? For the MVP we’re having a toggle between shoutbox mode and full page chat mode, so you can have one or the other. As it matures and receives user feedback, we may make it so both can co-exist.