Babble - A Chat Plugin

(Sevos) #147

It’s really weird, but somehow I can’t see or just delete any topic created by Babble Plugin which was removed before:


(Sevos) #148

Hmm, some hint which may be useful for Discourse Team (or some experienced person)… I clicked on the blue dot next to the topic, which means it’s new. The content isn’t displayed, a tool appears on the right to delete it and I clicked it. The topic is still on the forum. :confused: I got this error in the console:

(James Kiesel) #149

Oooof, stable is actually a bit old at the moment (~1.4k commits behind master); the deprecation error was put in July 20, so I’d assume the DB functionality was put in before that.

Any idea when we’ll get a stable version bump @sam?

In the meantime, I’ve cut a branch called stable which you can pull; it shouldn’t affect this functionality.

git clone -b stable

(James Kiesel) #150

@Sevosik You can get rid of those by running

# to hide topics from the interface, but keep in the DB in case you need to restore them (recommended)
Topic.where(archetype: :chat).update_all(deleted_at:
# to remove chat topics and their content from the database completely
Topic.where(archetype: :chat).destroy_all
Group.where(visibility_level: 4).destroy_all

in your rails console.

(David Taylor) #151

Currently scheduled for September 10th

(Sam Saffron) #152

Expect a bump in stable in 1-2 weeks

(Sevos) #153

Awesome, it worked. Thanks :wink:

(David Kingham) #154

I am not receiving notifications of new chats in Groups or Categories, PM notifications are working. I see nothing in the logs and just updated everything this morning. Also when I view a PM the notification count is not clearing out consistently. There is nothing in the logs currently.

(James Kiesel) #155

Alright, I’ve pushed a fix to be a bit more secure about ‘reading’ things on the server when you see them (before we did it on scroll, now we do it on scroll and if the post is in view when the chat’s opened)

I wasn’t able to reproduce any problems with group or category notifications; can you be a bit more specific about which notifications you’re expecting and not receiving?

(Valentin Mezin) #156


First of all, thank you for the plugin.

Most of our users use their phones to reach the board. When they open the chat the form to text a message opens instantly. On a phone it means half of the screen is cut off.

Before the textarea you could create a hidden input in order to put the focus on it.

(James Kiesel) #157

Thanks for the report, that change makes sense to me. I’ve made the change, but won’t get a chance to push it until tomorrow. :beach_umbrella:


Hi! I think I’ve got an interesting issue here!

The user preference pane now allows you to disable Babble completely. That works, check the checkbox and click save and it’s gone. However, if you want Babble back, then unchecking the box and clicking save doesn’t work. It’ll tell you it saved the settings, but once you reload the screen, the checkbox is checked again.

I’ve tried it with the following version:

  • Discourse v.2.2.0-beta2 +5
  • Babble version 8fc6664 - this is identical to master (I just upgraded to the now latest version)

(James Kiesel) #159

I reckon that’ll have to do with @david’s custom setting changes, which I’m aware of but will need to grab some time to properly look at in the near future.

EDIT: This should now be fixed in latest.



Thank you! I’ll roll out and test, will let you know!


since one of the last updates the chat on my instance will be opened by default on desktop visits, regardless of the babble open by default setting. on mobile their is no such behavior. is there an issue?

is it possible to also have an option for the user preference to open babble on default?


(James Kiesel) #162

That setting won’t ever take effect on mobile, as it takes up the whole screen, and presumably you’re still visiting the forum for the forum.

I’ve just updated to the latest versions of babble and discourse, and am not seeing the issue that you describe. Are you running any other third-party plugins, or any theme components with custom javascript? How many chat channels do you have?

Moving that setting to a user preference seems like a good call; I’ll put that in either today or this weekend.

EDIT: I just pushed a fix for your issue and moved the open by default setting to a per-user setting, so pull latest and let me know if that’s better for ya.


I’ve just tested it, and it works. Thanks again!


The test project at is using Discourse 2.2.0.beta2: version e95d6a12c5f1f51f30fc54186efb3713ad6583bd

  1. When I configure my docker file to use this version hash it instead pulls 5a9b02901481c584cb6a1a382b4b346615ea140e.
  1. I cannot get the one-on-one chats to function properly:

Sample one-on-one chat list-element

<li class="babble-available-topic row">
  <span class="babble-topic-avatar topic-avatar">
   <img alt="" width="25" height="25" src="/letter_avatar_proxy/v2/letter/d/76d3ee/25.png" title="Dummy_User" class="avatar">
  <a class="widget-link" title="">
    <span class="d-label"></span>

This is a brand new plugin install but with plenty of current user data. When I used the chrome inspector to populate data it clicks through and I can type messages. But then when I come back to the one-on-one chat the widget-link and d-label never populate. Likewise crucial functionality is also missing.

Any insight on what the issue might be?

(James Kiesel) #165

Can you link me to your forum please? Are there any errors in the console or in /logs?


working flawless now. i only use a single channel on my forum and no third-party plugins or custom javascript.

so…thanks for the fast fix!