Babble chat plugin reaching maximum post limit


I have a forum which utilizes the babble chat plugin. Recently, I encountered a problem while using this plugin and I’d really like some help. I’m aware that this issue isn’t specific to discourse as it’s just the plugin but I still think it’s relevant as I don’t have any viable options as an administrator on my site to bulk delete posts which would basically fix my issue. So my problem is that the topic at hand used for the babble group chat recently reached the 10,000 post limit that’s in the site settings and I’ve heard increasing this limit is not good for performance.

As a temporary fix, I’ve made the post limit 20k. I went to check the hidden topic that is being used for the chat as I needed to re-open the topic so that users may use the chat again and find that posts weren’t being deleted and that all old posts dating back till last year were marked as hidden instead of getting deleted.

I did a previous search on this site as I wanted to see if I could bulk delete the older posts but upon using the Select feature I’m not given any options to take action against all the posts that I selected. I can only select and re-select posts so I’m not sure if there’s an additional step that I’m missing. And would really like your help or to know if this is a bug.

In the meantime, the only thing I can think of now is bulk deleting posts through the backend. Is there anyway that you guys can help me achieve this and is there anyway I can create a task that automatically permanently deletes/removes hidden posts and decrease post count as I don’t want to encounter the post limit error again for my chat once the 20k mark is reached.

I think that the answer to the problem is to get babble to use a different topic when it reaches the limit. It would seem that the plugin has a solution to this.

Another is to move those posts to another topic.

You can delete posts from the rails console. You can look for some examples. I

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