"Back" doesn't scroll to topic accessed if page was "/latest" instead of "/latest/more"

(Brentley Jones) #1

Tested on Chrome on OS X and IE 10 on Windows 7. If I access a topic from the landing page, and I haven’t scrolled enough to trigger the loading of more topics ("/latest/more") then when I press Back in my browser I end up at the top of the page. If I do load more topics via scrolling far enough then the Back button behaves like it should from a topic page.

I thought the Back button behavior was broken for a while now because of this. I have my browser window decently small so I am usually scrolled down even when clicking on links on the first load. Was disorienting not scrolling to the proper position.

(Brentley Jones) #2

This still happens. Today I had a lot of unread posts on latest. I scrolled down a bit to see new ones (but not enough to trigger loading more data). Reading one of those posts and hitting back puts me at the top of the screen instead of focused on the yellow highlighted row. Once I get into “/latest/more” it behaves properly.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Is this still an issue?

(Jeff Atwood) #4