Backup failed using S3 with no specific error log


By using IAM and guaranteed Amazon S3 full access permission to IAM user, and setting as:

When backup in Admin::Backups, got notify:

The backup failed. Please check the logs.

Logs related to S3 situation generated as following:

/var/www/discourse/lib/s3_helper.rb:59:in new' /var/www/discourse/lib/s3_helper.rb:59:ins3_resource’
/var/www/discourse/lib/s3_helper.rb:63:in s3_bucket' /var/www/discourse/lib/s3_helper.rb:15:inupload’
/var/www/discourse/app/models/backup.rb:54:in block in upload_to_s3' /var/www/discourse/app/models/backup.rb:53:inopen’
/var/www/discourse/app/models/backup.rb:53:in upload_to_s3' /var/www/discourse/app/models/backup.rb:33:inafter_create_hook’

When un-checking enable s3 backups in Admin::Setting::Backups, backup would be success. I wander is there have settings wrong in S3 or in Discourse? Could you tell me how to fix it?

But the hand, I am a little confused about the s3 region under Admin::Settings::Files: since Amazon S3 told that S3 does not require region selection., but I found ap-northeast-1 in Amazon console url. Should it is correct to choose that one?


Update: I changed to root access and problem resolved.

I am sure there have some problem in IAM permission settings, if somebody know the details about its Policy, but also please leave a message here.