Backup link showing error in mail - failed to download

Currently i have click to admin > create backups completed successfully. (There are no error found in logs while taking backups)

When I click to download backup, backup link received in email.

When I save that link showing this error. “Failed - No file”

Please can anyone help me how to resolve the above error.

What version of Discourse are you using?

The download link in the email works only once, so it’s possible that a virus scanner or something like that tried to visit that link before you actually clicked on the download link.


Currently installed this version: v2.1.0.beta4 +127

When i click to open next tab then its show “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private”

Can you provide a screenshot of this?

Make sure that you are logged in as admin when you click the download link, otherwise you will see that error you mentioned.

You would get a different error when the download link has already been used:

Sorry, this backup download link has already been used or has expired.


I have login in different browser where login as user in discourse.

Thank you for your kind support.


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