Backup on by default?


(Pierreozoux) #1


I’m offering hosting for discourse. I just have a quick question (That might be a feauture request).
I’m wondering why the daily backup is off by default?

I can’t see myself asking my non technical users to go to settings and click to setup daily backup.
I don’t see how I can automate that at install (Maybe you have some hint?).
I could of course use the manual backup. I just find it overkilling as you already did the job in a great way (It is the best free sotware as a service I used so far, that is really doing a good job in term of operations)!

I just don’t understand why it is off by defaut. Maybe you have some ideas on how I could make it automatically on?

Thank you very much for your great work!


(Mittineague) #2

Try over-riding the config/site_settings.yml

    client: false
    default: false
    client: true
    default: 7
    client: false
    default: false
    client: false
    default: false
    client: false
    default: ''
    regex: "^[^A-Z_.]+$" # can't use '.' when using HTTPS

(Pierreozoux) #3

Thanks for your tip!