Backup size increases by over 100MB every month ? Will it crash?


Hi All,

The forum I run is not that big, and there few image uploads to the server by users. Is it normal for the backup to increase in size by over 100MB per month?

Whenever I post images, I only use a link to my Amazon S3, I never upload images to my Discourse server, so I can’t figure out why backup size is still increasing at a rate of well over 100MB per month.

Am worried at some point the backup will crash because of its size.

FYI, I use Discoursehosting for the forum, not sure if that makes any difference.



Are you sure the option download remote images to local is deactivated ?

You can try to unzip the backup to see exactly what’s inside, if it’s the dump.sql file (database) or the images

For a forum who’s not that big, it must be the images


Ah THANKS ! Yes you are correct, I have “Download Remote Images” enabled.

Does anyone know how big the backup file can grow before the backup crashes? I do want the option to preserve image links so that they will not be broken, but at the same time worried about backup crashes as the file grows too big.

(Matt Palmer) #4

Very, very big. And it’s mostly down to your hosting provider as to when it’ll cause problems; Discourse itself will generate extremely large backup files Just Fine, as long as the hosting provider has enough disk space and CPU to store and process it all.