Badge for replying to x unreplied topics

(Adam Adam) #1

I want to setup a badge called “Community Service” which will be automatically given out to those who reply to x topics that have not been replied to.

Anyone know how I can set this up?


Sure, you can create a custom badge and use a query. You’ll need badge SQL enabled.

Maybe @Simon_Cossar could assist with the query if you need help.

(Adam Adam) #3

I have that enabled already


Great. So what exactly is your question?
Do you need help with the query?

(Adam Adam) #5

Yes I need help with the query. Sorry should have made that clear

(Mittineague) #6

You need to clarify things a bit. When a member replies to a topic with no replies, the topic no longer has no replies.

I’m guessing you mean an implied “after going unananswered after __ amount of time” ?

(Adam Adam) #7

Yea thatll be fine too. How do I set that up?

(Christoph) #8

My interpretation was: to be the first who replied to a topic. In that case, you might want to add additional criteria to make sure the reply was meaningful, e.g. that this reply was not only first but also received at least one like.

(Adam Adam) #9

Yea thats even better. How do I set it up?

(Christoph) #10

Check out this:

and this: