Badge Notification Bubbles on other links

I am wondering if there is a way to add the Badge Notification Bubbles to links other than those generated in the text editor. To be specific - links that appear in the user’s signature.

What signatures? Discourse does not support signatures and never has.

Maybe you could screenshot what you mean?

Yeah, sorry. We have created a custom Group Specific Signature. So members of that group get the signature applied to their posts. It is linked to their profile summary page. We would like to try to get the notification badge bubble to show on that link. Totally outside of Discourse core, I realize.


Our custom signature is “View my business profile”.

Unfortunately, many internal links are not click-tracked. I have created a feature request that relates to your issue here.


Perhaps there is a list of available helpers somewhere that would steer me in the right direction for adding the tracking to our javascript that creates the signature. Anyone know of such a thing?