Badge positions

(Crackmacs) #1


Similarly to the security settings, I would like to see a position field so we can easily change the badge positions within the page. I’ll probably label them something more-fun in the future, but for now they’re just a basic description.

For example I set up some badges for users to earn via their post count.

If I add in some additional text, fixes the position where I intended it to be.

Would just like more control over where they end up, or, please let me know if there’s an easy way of naming things

Thanks guys :love_letter: :heart_eyes: :dealwithit:

I love all the emoticons in Discourse btw

(Sam Saffron) #2

General way of controlling this is using badge classes, 100 should be bronze, 500 silver, 1000 gold. Not againse allowing you to control position but this is the thing I would do.

(Crackmacs) #3

That’s actually an easy solution, going to do that. ty